By gauthams

The Temptation To Cheat And No Excused/Craves To Blame - Or Is It? HELPQ

Hi Everyone 

My timer now reads 1 week 3 day 10 hours 12 mins 22 seconds.....Yay. Thanks for all the support it was YOU GUYS who helped me survive the cravings for at first the first 72 hours and then the first week. I am now inclined to agree that the physiological symptoms may well be over but not the psychological ones - that I have been battling for days 5 thro 9 - and I am using  CET (Cue Exposure Therapy( He seems to think that the  as suggested by whyquit,com and the ebook ffn freedom from nicotine This seems to imply that you out yourself consciously in various solutions and isolate them and deal with them with reason and argument, and not fear  - like you would bring strategy to any other game... 

But today I am full od craves that are not physiological but come with an assurance that I will just smoke one because I enjoy it... I really really want to know and I cannot find an answer anywhere, as to what is the WORST that can happen if I HAVE just ONE SMOKE, or just one off and on - and manage NOT TO RELAPSE - BIG IF, I KNOW, but supposing I did will I lose out on all the benefits that have so far accrued and go back to square one. 
I think I found the answer ;it is a simple NO NOT WORTH IT.... but not the end of the world either
if you smoke one. its health wise not going to do alot more damage than you have already done by smoking for many years. the problem is - you then start to think you can have "just one" without becoming addicted again. and as time goes on you end up smoking another one, then two, then three - before you know it you will be smoking all the time again. It's exactly the same way we got addicted in the first place.
dont do it - its just prolonging the pain. with a month or so smoke free you wont want any.
it just makes the cigarettes more precious and tempting if you just have one or two sometimes. dont do it! stick with the quit and be free forever! the desire to smoke DOES END! Stay strong. you got this.
every time i go down this path 1 smoke turns into 1 packet and on it goes. People like us cannot just have 1. good luck stay strong