By debmac2563

I Love Reading Other Peoples Posts!!

This site is so good for me! I read other peoples posts and think OMG it was not just me that smoked half a pack before i could get moving!! As the years went on I became a heavier smoker even to the pint of choosing  to stay at home rather than go anywhere that I could not have a smoke!! I would get so annoyed that it had come to the point in Australia that:
smokes are around $25 a pack
you can only buy at one checkout in a store (always a line up)
You cannot smoke in pubs clubs or any public areas
you cannot smoke on a balcony of a motel!! 
No smoking on any work sites
you need to be 10 meters away from the entrance to any restaurant or food serving facility
It was just getting almost impossible to smoke anywhere and this is one the the main reasons for me to be totally over it.
One day out shopping i was dying for one and stood beside my car, this man walked past me and gave me the most filthy look, it was really upsetting I thought did i do something to this person, but I diid not know him it was because I was smoking,
I can't stand these type of judgmental people they have no idea how difficult it can be and after that day i was really hesitant to smoke outside of home or with other people.
In some ways i was a closet smoker that tried to hide it as much as I could.

I feel so good to be a person that does not smoke and it feels so good to say I DONT SMOKE! 

As for the people that like to judge! Im still over them and will never turn into one of those ex smokers that carries on like a shit! Of all people we should know the struggle and be kind and patient to those that are still a slave to the nicotine.

Have a nice day everyone and keep it smoke free :)
I don't know if I felt people were judging me as much as I was judging myself I was always trying to hide behind something to smoke while i was in public even trash cans and vending machines because I was so ashamed of my addiction.
totally true, this place ROCKS!
we can do this, one day at a time. $25 a pack is CRAZY. but good!
we are not alone in this fight
yup, i dont judge smokers - i know how powerful the addiction is. i dont even try and get them to stop - but whenever they do, i direct them here. this place is amazing and is so new. i cant wait to see what it will be like as time goes on and more people join and they add new features