By mom2arielle

Star Wars Stickers For Me Lol

So far today has been a good day. I am not really in a bad mood or anything. I have had a headache since I woke up but hopefully that too will pass. I must have slept funny or coughed a lot last night or something as my back is rather sore this morning. Not really tired yet today so I am hoping to get some things accomplished like cleaning my house or picking up from the last snow and ice storm. I ate breakfast and had a small craving was not really too bad considering I used to smoke a half a pack of cigs from the time I woke up and had breakfast until about 9:00 and I usually only got up around 7 isn’t that something 10 cigs in 2 hours don’t really know how I did it. My daughter put a star wars sticker on the calendar this morning for yesterday because I did not smoke yesterday. She said I am going to give you a sticker every day you don’t smoke so you can see how well you are doing and hopefully will stick with it this time. She said I get darth vader after I have been quit for a week lol. Got new bedding for my bedroom yesterday and this bedding has never been laid in by a smoker. It is weird even though I never smoked in my bed or my bedroom for that matter my old cover still smelled like stale cig smoke. But now I have fresh smelling bedding on my bed and plan to keep it that way. Now my car is another story ugggg took my daughter to the bus this morning and the smell of cig smoke was really strong in there. It made me crave for a little bit. I do still have butts in the ashtray that need to go away and heck just to be honest I really need to clean it out anyways so maybe that will be on today’s to-do list as well clean out the car and take it to the carwash which has a carpet shampooer and shampoo the carpet with smelly stuff and then buy an air freshener. The biggest craves for me have always been when I first wake up and in the car. As that is where I always smoke the most the morning I really have no control over other than sitting somewhere else while I wake up but I think a fresh smelling car like my fresh smelling bedding will be good for the quit. 
Thats so cute, You are not the only one to smoke that much in the mornings :) and in the car. I sold that car to my daughter and thats when i noticed the big brown patch on the roof!!! felt so bad I had never noticed it before so i got is fully detailed for her. That car had smoke billowing out the windows for 10 years. I do have a new one now and it has not been smoked in :) Nothing like that feeling of freshness!!
thanks for sharing :)
thanks for sharing, that was a good read. getting the smell out of my car took AGES.
fresh smelling everything is essential now we can smell properly again!
you got this mom2, one day at a time you get closer to permanent freedom. What your daughter is doing is probably the cutest thing i have ever heard of in my life.