By gauthams

Resistance And Confusion On Day 2

I am suddenly worrying whether I quit under -prepared or on a whim, in the sense extending a no-smoking period rather than tackling the challenge head on - it's only been 36 hours so I cannot even honestly say that I have begun to feel better so sometimes i get a bit confused if it is all going the right way - and whether a weeny cheat smoke will mess everything up...
Apparently arguing with yourself and trying to talk yourself into smoking again is common for people in the first 72 hours. If you can just keep going until you've done the first 3 days it should get a bit easier. Cheat smoking will just replenish the nicotine supply and you'll have to start again
totally normal! your body is in the middle of a difficult fight with nicotine right now. you will not feel like yourself for a while, its the mind games that quitting creates that are the difficult part.
stay strong,you can do this.No cheating,really,you can do this💪
i can relate to this gauthams. Dont be confused if it is going the right way - there is only two ways for it to go, you either smoke and fail. or you take it one day at a time - knowing for a fact, 100% certainty, that if you dont smoke again these cravings will end and you will be free.
the doubt is something many of us faced. any smoking at all will mess it up. even if it is one puff you will subconciously think "well, if i can smoke that one and be addicted i can do it again sometime" - then that one becomes two, and two becomes ten, and before you know it you are smoking again. It is exactly how we all got addicted in the first place. Stay strong and dont smoke. if you have not smoked, then your quit is going well - NOPE! (Not. One. Puff.Ever)
we call the first week hell week. You have started a mental and physical battle with nicotine, a battle you are 100% sure to win - if you dont smoke. Think of it like an illness. You are going to be mentally physically ill for a few weeks, and like most illnesses - with time you will get better and remain smoke free. Try and post on here as much as you can, take the quitza quest. Writing down your feelings is quite soothing for many people - and its a great way to get second opinions on things that you may be wondering about. Thanks for sharing and stay strong :)
Thanks, all.. I survived the night, and did NOT Touch the smokes. I slept well too so insomnia is no longer an excuse but there remains a strange residual urge which unfortunately tends to more recall the happier associations with cigarettes rather than the awful ones. I myself have been feeling quite awful with my stamina which is what prompted the quit in the first place. And just before posting this I walked, for no reason at all, 10 round trips from end to end of my home. This would have been unthinkable a week ago, as I would have paused and rested my elbows on the dining table even while enroute to the kitchen to make coffee..... so all of this makes me feel good. I am able to argue against the arguments in favour of that one smoke but it is not easy. I am just telling myself that I have to defeat these associations between daily life events and cigarettes one by one. Demolish them all and hopefully then one day, Inshallah It will merely be an intellectual argument and then there wont be demoins to beat anymore. But I do have a question - independent of the cravings and withdrawal when does the body begin to FEEL BETTER as opposed to start GETTING BETTER - ??? this is something I would really like to know because all timelines indicate physiological or clinical improvements but no one talks of the feel good factor in a time line - not here not on other addicition forums
congrats on passing that tough test. you will notice things start to calm down around the one month mark. It gets easier from now until then - but honestly its slow progress. at one month most people have good days with nearly no cravings and bad days with diiffuclt cravings (but nowhere near as bad as what you are experiencing now), 2 months and the bad days are very rare but still exist. 3 months and your cravings are gone totally or very very rare.
yup i agree with sami, its about a month in that you will notice things start to get easier, at 2 months the cravings are basically gone. hang in there, if you stay strong this time you only have to do this once in your life.