By mom2arielle

I Need To Start Exercising

Almost forgot to post today. Nothing much happened today. I woke up went to work kept busy at work by getting things prepped for tomarrows parties in between customers. On Mondays I work 5:30 am – 10 am for breakfast so of course I needed a nap when I got home (I think I would need one anyway.) took care of my DD who was home sick from school today. Hoping she makes a speedy recovery so that she can finally go to ther BF’s birthday party on Saturday for the first time in years. Was going to clean my house some but have not found the energy to do that yet. Did wash clothes. The cravings have not really been that bad today. Infact it was not until I was getting ready to go to bed and a craving hit that I realized that I had not thought about smoking for a few hours how awesome is that. I also realized that I had not did my journal entry today. Some days are good and some not so much but in both cases the cravings and thoughts for a cig seem to be getting further and further apart. They are also a lot less intense than when I started. I also know that I must not get cocky and think I got this thing licked because I know that I could go back to smoking my previous amount and then some in an instant if I fell for the I just want one stinking thinking that I get sometimes. But I tell myself you might think you want one but in all actuality you want them all because after you smoke this ONE that you think you want you will want another and another and then you will just be back to being a full time smoker. I am thinking of getting a fit bit or something similar when I get my tax refund to try to encourage me to get off my fanny and exercise more or exercise at all for that matter. I heard that exercise can be very helpful during a quit. I cant afford to loose weight but I would like to try to get my lungs and heart in shape. Anyone have suggestions on those kind of items like the fitbit one with a heart rate monitor would probably be good as I have anxiety disorder so when my heart starts pumping fast for whatever reason I get really anxious and being able see that I am in range for the exercise I am doing would be great. 
thanks for sharing!
exactly, it is a big cycle you smoke and want more smokes and want more smoke and more and more and more. you have broken the cycle. hang in there.
i have heard good things about fitbit