By mom2arielle

Ready For The Week Ahead!

Ok so today was busy so that was good. I helped to keep my mind of things although when I got done I had that you worked really hard you deserve just one you know the other waitress smokes she will be more than happy to give you one. But of course I ignored that kind of silly talk. Next couple of days are probably going to be pretty ruff I am tired as all get out now and I still have to work the next 2 days with one of them being not one but 2 parties at the same time. (I would like to know what they are thinking when they book these things) The must really think I am a beast to give me 85 people like that. So I am really hoping that the energy stores return before Tuesday. They are also calling for more snow this week. I am hoping that they are wrong because I hate snow and for some reason when I am snowed in the house I really want to smoke. At least when we got the 3 feet of snow a few weeks ago I really wanted to smoke a lot and did smoke a lot. I am starting to get a cough don’t know if I am getting sick since my daughter has been sick or is it my lungs expelling junk that I put in there. I have been eating a lot too but am not too worried about gaining weight I actually hope I do gain weight I might not look like a twig with hair. This next week is going to be crazy my daughter always ALWAYS gets sick for her best friends birthday. And this year is no different her friends birthday is on valentines day and her party is Saturday and of course as I mentioned earlier in my post my daughter is starting to get sick runny nose sore throat and cough. I was looking at facebook and exactly a year ago today was the day she started getting sick last year. I just hope that I can get her well before the party. I always feel so bad when she gets sick which makes me depressed and when I am depressed I want to smoke but I am going to stay strong hopefully not having to smell the cigs on me this year will make her illness last less time this year. But throught it all I will still not smoke.
Your very brave, I don't think I would try dealing with any let alone 80 people if I was that tired! Good for you not letting this quit thing stop you getting on with life! Are you taking any suppliments? I'm just asking because I was recently informed that smoking disrupts the way your body stores vitamins and as a result you can need suppliments, especially vitamin d, in winter especially if you're low on it you can have sleeping problems and be tired all the time. Might be worth looking into.xx
0its always hard when a child is ill, stay strong :)
thanks for the update mom2, keep on keeping on