By mom2arielle

Thoughts Of A Crazy Woman

Got to sleep in today that was great. But still had to take a nap at 12 oh well hopefully the energy comes back sooner or later. I think last night at work was one of the worst as far as cravings go and that includes when we had parties and the bar was open. It was soooo slow I only had like 5 customers not really sure what happened there but as everyone know idle time means an idle brain and when my brain was idle it was like you should smoke you could really waste some time smoking come on now you are really really slow and you could actually take the time to enjoy a cig. Of course I told my brain no you would not “enjoy” a cig there is nothing “enjoyable” about putting toxins into your body. You will just feel like somebody hit you in the chest when you can’t breathe, you will get a headache, heart will race, etc. etc. so I had massive amounts of ice chips instead. I also set up the buffet room for Sunday dinner and washed the doors. I also closed down my buffet early and was ready to get out of dodge by the time it was time to close the doors. Did not make any money but at least I made it out of dodge still a nonsmoker so I did not lose any money either. I think it was the idlest time I have had since I quit. And I survived. I now know that I can overcome the intense cravings even when I literally have nothing to do. All I really have to do is talk to my inner brat. Did I mention that the cravings and the stinking thinking of I can only have I deserve one are kind of like a brat who wants everything in the store and is throwing a tempertrantrum because they are not getting their way. So I treat the cravings the same way I tell them no you can’t have that we can’t afford it is bad for your health, etc. just like a little kid the craving does not know no better it just knows that it wants it and it wants it now. I have to teach it that it can’t have everything it wants and that what it does want is bad for it. Ok so I probly sound like a total loon now but that has helped me some with the cravings and maybe will help others.
Not looney at all! This really does help. Your going great.
The energy will come back, I'm at a point now where it comes in groups, I have 2 - 3 days in a row, that I feel totally hyperactive, so I think its just our bodies healing and trying to find the new normal levels.
Not loony! You sound like someone kicking smoking in the nuts!
haha great method, treat those cravings like annoying little brats!