By mom2arielle

Friday Rambalings And Musings

Hello all. I have been wracking my brain all morning to figure out what to write about today. It is really hard trying to come up with 400 word posts everyday. I am still smoke free. I am still having a lot of cravings although I do have to say that they do not feel as bad in intensity as they did. Did not have to go in the bar at all last night so that was a plus and the smell in the kitchen was not as bad either don’t know if I am getting used to it some or there just was not a whole lot of people smoking in the bar last night. I did catch a wiff of it every now and then but I just tried to hold my breath as much as possible until I could get out of there. I probably looked like a little kid throwing a temper tantrum. If I did nobody dared say anything. That is another thing why are people still tiptoing around me I have not really snapped at anyone that  I can think of but they all act like they are scared to breath around me strange they never acted that way before and I am a wopping 5 ft tall and weigh 100 lbs so not much to be intimidated about if you ask me. I did notice last night that I get a lot more accomplished in a shorter amount of time at work now that I do not smoke which is really weird because I really only smoked for like 2 minutes (can you say hot boxing) while I was at work and really only smoked like 2 or three so that would have been like 6 minutes but when I worked last night I got everything done and hour earlier than I normally do that was just really crazy to me 6 minutes of smoking took me an extra hour of work. I guess maybe because I was not really focused on what I was doing I was focused more on should I smoke or do what I need to do to get done. I bet my customers at least my regulars probably notice that I do not come out smelling like an ashtray anymore although nobody has really said anything either before or after I quit smoking but I can smell it on other people and it really does smell bad and I think hey I used to smell like that. Isnt it strange you cant smell the cig smoke on yourself when it is clearly so strong on other people.
its really strange, i can smell smoke on peoples clothes now - something i could NEVER do when i was a smoker
loved reading that, it might be hard to get the 400 words in but its worth it :) thanks for sharing
we can be more irrational than we think when we are quitting. dont worry about others around you - aslong as you are not being super terrible they understand what is happening.
glad to see you are having some progress with the cravings. they will slowly get weaker and weaker :)