By mom2arielle

Lazy Lazy Day But Easier Day

Ok today has not seemed as bad a yesterday I really thought it would have been worse since I got like no sleep last night. I really did not do anything special today either even though I have loads of laundry and housework to do. I was just not in the mood to clean today so I just bing watched Netflix for awhile instead. Then I went to Girl Scouts. Made a dinner that I have made several times before but this time it tasted better to me anyways my hubby just said that it was as good as it always is. I did not change up the recepie either maybe my taste buds are trying to grow back already. I am good with that. I have found a new love of orange juice and have been drinking a glass about 3 times a day. I am still waiting on my energy to return. I am not sure if my drop in energy is the quitting process or my medication since I started both around the same time. But I will be glad when I don’t have to take a nap every day and go to bed early. I tried not taking my medication but it did not really help with the tiredness and hubby said that he could tell a difference when I take it and when I don’t because I seem happier when I do take it. I have had a terrible headache that does not want to go away today not sure if that is quit related either but I guess I do get headaches from time to time even when I did smoke but it is so easy to blame every little different health thing and feelings on quit because your body is adjusting to not being poisend anymore so I imagine there are a few things that people go though. I do also know that your body heals itself mostly when you are sleeping. I can’t wait for it to warm up again I know I know winter just started but I am more of a summer girl. I want to go hiking so bad. Get out on the trails and in with nature. I am excited to see if I am able to smell more smells when I do get to go next tie and will I be able to hike up to mcafees knob without having to stop every 20 steps to catch my breath because it is straight up the side of a mountain. Only time will tell
Hey I've been craving of too! It tastes a lot better these days ☺ I think being tired is just part of the process, getting out in the fresh air sounds like a good plan tho. Stay strong xx
That should say oj not of!
thanks for sharing :)
i love tasting new things, congrats on another smoke free day
i totally relate on the OJ thing. i drank so much of the stuff when i was at the early stage of my quit