By afragstein89

Keeping Busy

Considering I couldn't find a good pattern for a life size Chihuahua, I free handed this trying to make it as close to the pic in the left as I could. My friend's baby passed away and she wanted a stuffed baby to snuggle with at night that would lay on her chest. This is what I came up with. I went home early from work today thinking I felt better to even go in the first place. I didn't so I crocheted all day. I also made face scrubbies and wash cloths and a bath poof and dish scrubbies. 
aww they are both so cute!
crocheting is a great way to distract yourself from the cravings :)
i think you should make a mascot for us quitters on Quitza
thank you. I was trying to make my new post for today and share the other items I made but it won't let me. :-(
Hi afragstein89, we just implemented a minimum title length feature. Are you getting any specific error at all?
I try to post when I finish my daily story and my screen freezes and then instead of uploading then post it gives me and option box off the title data field with the same exact title I have written in it.
if that makes any since at all. I cannot add a new post, I can only comment on posts that already exist. I have reset my phone and cleared my cache.
oh... and I cannot upload a profile picture. I can upload an image (except not now because I cannot post) but the profile picture gives me an error message.
Thanks for the additional information, is this happening on a phone or a tablet or a pc? which web browser are you using.
I am using my phone only. I have Google on my phone.
Thanks for your quick reply. We just made a little tweak, could you try and post something when you get chance (keep it short just in case, we don't want you to loose a long post!)
still doing the same thing. 😑
We have just made another change we hope will have fixed it! Please try again when you get a chance and let us know how it goes!
ok. I am able to post new updates now but I still cannot upload a profile picture. thank you for fixing the posting issue.
Glad to hear it is working now. The profile picture problem is known to us, we are still trying to figure it out. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you and good luck with the quit!