By 420dragonfly

Sad Day 47

Today was the day my dog, Reggae, had her xray and the vet has confirmed my biggest fear, my girl has cancer.  It's oral melanoma and is quite large and inoperable because of its location and the degree it has invade the roof of her mouth.    There are also spots at the base of her tongue.  She pulled the tooth that was being displaced by the tumor as it was causing her discomfort and bleeding when she'd eat.  The biopsy results are due later this week and our vet will consult with an oncologist up in Portland to see what options we have.   Options she said the oncologist would give us the pros/cons on are radiation and immunotherapy.  Unless they could give us a damn good certainty of good outcome, I don't see radiation as an option; it's 5 days, for 5 weeks, in Portland (about 5 hours from my home) so we'd essentially have to move for over a month and they'd have to put her out for each treatment.  Curious to learn more about the immunotherapy.  Fortunately, she's still in good spirits, you wouldn't even know she was sick.  And with the tooth pulled she ate without sneezing blood.  Gotta be happy with the little things!

I'm supposed to leave Saturday to visit my son, daughter-in-law, and grandson for a week in Arizona and so torn about leaving.  My man will be home with Reggae, but I'd be devastated if anything happened to her while I was gone.  Although this cancer is usually aggressive, the vet didn't feel anything was imminent, biggest risk right now is bleeding and she's given us some Chinese herbs to help control it.  So my plan right now is to go and enjoy time with my family & friends.  Bottomline, we have a long road ahead of us.

So now for my smoking update....after today I think I can comfortable call myself a non-smoker.  Through this awful day, waiting to hear the results then having to deal with the diagnosis, all still with little sleep, and still I didn't even have the desire to smoke!  I honestly can't believe I'm not sitting here struggling with wanting a cigarette!!  My time has finally come!

Hug your pets!  One Love
Your a strong lady and a beautiful person. i feel for you and your puppy, I have 2 dogs and I love them to death so I understand how hard this must be for you. A smoke does not change anything does it. All the best with your little fur baby xx
Thanks a smoke wouldn't do a damn thing to help her. I feel lousy enough and don't need to add smoking on top of it. I just pray we can slow the progression and have her with us for a while yet.
Ohh no, im so sorry to hear that. stay strong
if you can deal with something like that and still not want to smoke, you are free.
My sentiments exactly Cheeky!!
thanks for the update, sorry to hear that news. stay strong