By mom2arielle

Day 4

Day 4 is over and I am still smoke free go me!! Do not think I really had time for cravings today work was incredibly busy I have not seen it that busy other than for parties for a long time. It almost seemed as if people were like hey we were snowed in all last weekend let’s get out of the house and go out to eat today. Kept me very busy but also wore out from the long exhausting weekend. I have one more day at work then I have a day off. I have not had a day off since I have quit smoking so I will need to make a plan for that too like maybe sleep all day which is what I feel like doing now. I also need to catch up on housework so I guess when my day off finally does roll around I have plenty of stuff to do. My daughter is still my biggest cheerleader. She has been after me for many years to quit smoking when I had quit for 2 months and started back she was so sad and disappointed and heartbroken. I just don’t want to put her through that ever again. So this has to be the one for me. So far she is really revolted by cigs and I hope that she stays that way. My mother smoked and that is where I started stealing cigs from cause “it was cool” I just wish sometimes I could go back in time and tell myself It is not cool don’t do it, you will totally regret it one day, and It is a super had addiction to overcome you will have to battle claw and scratch your way from the nicodemon. But since I have not got my time machine operational at this time I will just have to settle with fighting the good fight. I am glad that they still sell peppermint gum as I am out of candy canes and peppermint seems to really help me with taking the edge off of the cravings. Ha ha one of my coworkers told me yesterday she said I kept smelling mint the other day and I did not know where it come from but today I see that you have a strong smell of mints and every time I see you you are eating more. I had to explain to her that I quit smoking and they helped with the cravings. She is a nonsmoker so I don’t think she understood. 
hindsight is a wonderful thing :)
Peppermint tastes so good too! thanks for the update
Quitting with kids cheering you on is awesome :)