By mom2arielle


Woohoo made it through the night. It was really tough though but luckly there were not very many people smoking I think only one or 2. I am hoping that tonight will be the same. Not to mention I was just too busy to smoke I did not stop until it was time to close the doors. I think that tonight will be about the same way. This whole days is going to be busy. I have to take some of my girls to have a booth sale to sell Girl scout cookies. Cant smoke while I have my Girl Scouts. Then I have to leave from there and go to work I know when I first get there I will be hitting the ground running to get set up for this other party of 80 and will probably be busy non stop until we close again. Although all I really want to do today is take a nap. But no nap for me. I think It is my new meds I am going to have to ask the dr. about them because I sleep all the time now. Could be quitting smoking too or maybe a combination of both but I wake up around 7 I take a nap around 10 or 11 and am ready for bed by 8 and that is not really like me at all. I have noticed that I can go an hour or more of not thinking about a cig. The first couple of days I swear that is all I thought about. More good news though is that one of my cooks told me yesterday that he might quit smoking with me. How awesome is that seems to be that I might have started something at work lol. We did talk about quitting methods and I explained server of them with him and told him I am using the patch which really seems to take the edge off while I am trying to break the associations I have with cigs such as after dinner when I first wake up etc. I also shared my peppermint gum secret I would have shared the candy canes secret but alas I think most stores are finally sold out of candy canes and he would not be able to find them anyway. I really hope he does quit because we would be able to give each other face to face support. I also shared this website with him as well. 
WOW!!! That is terrific news. YOu were worried, but now you know you CAN do it
Thats great news mom2arielle! Having a real life quit partner is super effective. Thank you so much for spreading the word about the site, it is REALLY appreciated. Keep on fighting the good fight!
awesome! get him on here!
We have two girl scout leaders on here now!
thanks for the update, and congrats on convincing someone to quit!