By mom2arielle

Need Encouragement For Tonight

Doing good so far today. With that being said I know that when I go to work it will also be one of the biggest challenges. We have a party of 80 coming which again has rented out the bar as well so we will have to open the partitions to the bar to make it one big room. and somehow my boss still gets by with alloing smoking in the bar. I am not sure if it is still leagal here in my small community or he just does not care. Either way I know that out of the 80 people someone will be smoking and I will be unable to get away from it. I am going armed to bear though candy canes, peppermint gum and will have a large glass of ice chips when I get there. Patch is on. I also know that I have a lot of people rooting for me and hoping that I stay steadfast in my resolve to beat the nicodemon not only at home and my family but also on here. The same thing will happen tomarrow night as well as we have another party of 80 that rented out the bar as well so If I can make it through the next 2 days I can make it. The new med my dr. put me on seems to help with the mood swings that I was having the last time I quit. The only person I have wanted to inflict bodily harm on has really deserved it and then some. I noticed yesterday that he had been gone for a few days and his dog was still tied up on the front porch so I took it some food and water and I swear the dog was so hungry I though he was going to eat my bowl he at the food in about 3 bites. So for now I will just feed the dog when I feed my own dogs. It is really sad too because it is the sweetest little dog. He is just I don’t even know what he is lets just say I hope  I do not see him face to face for awile. Is temporary insanity due to quitting smoking a valid defense I mean seriously was so angry about it yesterday that I wanted to smoke but I knew it would not do any good I would still be angry and then add being upset with myself for smoking so I did not. Well send me good vibes for tonight.
Second hand smoke is such a trigger. Do candy canes help? Drinking water from a straw helps me.
Mom 2... You can do it.... You are committed and want this smoke free so badly that you will succeed.... Stay strong and you have got all my best wishes !!!
All the best wishes and vibes to you. I can tell you have determination to succeed.
Best of luck it may be hard but you are committed and can do it. My mum came over last week and i got her an ashtray and sat outside with her while she had it. Have to say I wanted a puff so bad but hung in. You can too!!
1 serving of good vibes on its way :)