By mom2arielle

Day 1

I am so glad that I decided not to wait to restart my quit. I think I still have a lot of the resolve that I had last week when I quit. The cravings of course have been bad today being as it is day one again but candy canes, peppermint gum and water have been my best friends. I have to go to work tonight but should not have to go in the bar for anything since it is a private club meeting. However as stated before the bar connects to the kitchen and the smell wafts in there really bad so I will need all the positive thoughts I can get no help with the hellatious cravings that will be brought on by that. The good thing is that if I do not buy cigs (which I won’t) before I go into work then I am unable to leave work and get some. I was talking to my boss last week when I told him I quit and he said good he also told me that he smoked 3 packs a day and had went to his mother’s ceremony thing and just kept coughing and coughing and decided right then he was going to quit smoking and he did just like that. I am unable to do that and I know it so I will continue with the patches and try not to get cocky and take them off early this time. Another great tool I have at work to help me out is the little ice cubes they put in drinks I love crunching on those little ice cubes and they help with the cravings I need to clean out my freezer so that I may buy a bag of ice to munch on at home. We also have OJ at work I have heard that OJ will help with the cravings as well but have not personally tried it may have to try it at work tonight if I get a chance. I think one on the worst craves or triggers I get is when I get into my car after work my brain is like ok you are off work now and you are allowed to smoke so where is it then. Most of the time I just turn up the radio and sing like nobody is listening which is probably god that nobody is listening they may think I have just gone insane as I make up the lyrics to songs that I don’t know. 
its awesome how you picked yourself up and quit again so quickly
sing loud and proud!
Ive done the same before took them off too early! Whatever works, Im staying on the patches! its better than smoking. Good luck Its different for everyone :)
anything sugary will help a little :) stay strong