By mom2arielle

Starting Day One Again

Ok so as my previous post I caved to the intense cravings that my meds were causing me. I am not really sure that it was just the cravings because any time he changes my anxiety meds my anxiety skyrockets for a few days. I Know I can do this I mean I was almost at a week and that was the biggest factor in deciding to brush myself off throw the rest of my cigs in the in fire and jump back on the wagon. I am hoping that this new med will help with the depression that I got last time that I had quit smoking for 2v months. I have learned from this that I cannot let anything get in the way of me and my quit even if I am miserable at the time. Because even after I smoked I was still miserable because I had smoked. Did it help no it did not the meds that I was on made me want to smoke like a freight train. My lungs and breathing were feeling better and now they feel like poo again (another reason to stay quit this time) made me start shaking like I was going to go into full blown panic attack which thankfully I did not. I felt defeted for a while but now I am back on my feet and ready to do this thing it has been 2 hours and I decided that I am going to use the patch. That was the other thing I was feeling so good that I decided that I probably did not need the patch and took it off for a day and I guess my cockiness helped to seal my fate so I am determined to go through the entire patch program. So that I am able to break the associations first.  And then wean myself off the nicotine. This is truly the hardest thing I have ever done and I have done many challenging things. I think a lot of it is because I don’t do anything like drink or do drugs or whatever and I feel left out like I should do something or I am just boring I don’t know I know that sounds crazy but after 22 years of smoking I almost feel like I wont be me anymore sounds crazy I know but it is something that I will have to strive to get over and who knows maybe I will like the new me better.
different people quit in different ways, use the patch for a while you can concentrate on getting off of it when you have been a non smoker for a while.
good luck!
good luck with the new quit :) keep the patches and stay strong
thanks for sharing :) keep it up, you have the quitters mindset :)