By 420dragonfly

40 Days And The Quit Goes On

40 days smoke free, not a single puff have passed these lips!!  I never really tracked my previous practices at becoming a non-smoker, but I'm pretty sure if I had I'd see that this is a record!  Although I may have said I quit for longer, truly without a puff, sneaking a couple, I honestly don't know if I've ever done 40 days before.  It truly feels good to be taking this control back.  I don't stand outside in nasty weather to get my fix.  My money has gone to filling up my money jar rather than polluting my lungs.  Every day is easier and the urges that do come, I'm able to fairly quickly push them away.

The eating is becoming a problem and one I'm going to start addressing sooner rather than later.  I've been going for walks in the afternoon (when it's not raining) and danced around the house the other day, but need to get myself on a bit of routine and need to start watching what I'm snacking on.  I told myself when I began this journey that I wouldn't stress about the weight, and I'm not, but feel in control enough with the smokes that I think I can take this on too.

Now whatever has control over my sleeping, I wish to hell it'd let go!!!  I have the rare night where I'll get 6 hours, but for the most part it's 3-4 hours a night on the average for the past 50 nights or so (this started while I was in the cutting back phase of my quit).  Days where I've had those 6 hour sleep nights, I feel AMAZING!   Days like today where I had 3 hours, best case, last night, well oddly enough, I'm not exhausted, but I'm truly not all here either!

I've tried every herbal supplement I know (melatonin, valerian, kava, chamomile), and natural sleep inducers I can think of tea, warm baths, aromatherapy, meditation (can't relax enough yet to really meditate).  I've even go so far as to try benadryl (I don't generally take pharmaceuticals, with the rare exception of ibupropen and benadryl).   I so hope it ends soon!

Until then....sleepless in Oregon
U hear u!!! Great post!! I can relate
hang in there, you are over the worst. Its going to get back to normal real soon :)
thanks for sharing dragonfly. Its totally normal to have sleep effected while quitting. Focus on how good you feel when you do get sleep, because as the days go on you are going to be getting more and moe.
congrats on 40 days, thats awesome.