By mom2arielle

Day 5

Finished with day 5 and I am sorry this is so late I have had a really busy day. Worked this morning it went ok was kind of slow because I think every one is still snowed in. The kids still are not back to school they are off tomarrow as well which is good with me I love having my daughter at home. Came home for about and hour and then went to the Dr.s appointment that I was hoping I would be breathing better for and I was breathing better but my anxiety was in high gear all day and really bad when I went in there. I told him I had quit smoking and had felt better for a few days but today has been really ruff. He started me on lexepro to try to help with my anxiety disorder as well as gave me klonopin for acute panic attacks. I am more calm now and not as angry at the world as I did end up having to take a klonopin. He told me that with quitting smoking most likey my anxiety disorder will get worse before it gets better despite the few days when I had none at all. He said If I stay quit then I may be able to come off all of my medication that he put me on today by the end of the year. Yay me. I did take the medication and it has made me extremely tired so I may have to go to bed early but I have been up since 3:30 am too so that might be it. I have to say that the cravings are not that bad tonight either could it be the decrease in my generalized anxiety that makes me not want to have one. I am not sure only time will tell but for now I will take it as it feels like I have had non stop craving since I quit and that is one of the reasons that I do not want to go back I know eventually the cravings will stop and if they don’t it don’t matter I will have cravings if I smoke or not but at least if I don’t smoke I wont be filling myself with poision. Sorry if this post makes anyone uncomfortable as I also know that any pshych issues can make people uncomfortable at times. But ahhhhh can you feel that breathing better and still not smoking.
its incredible you can already feel the improvements. You are well on the way to being free for life
congrats on day 5!
glad to see you are calmer now, you will still have rough days. but as time goes on you will get better. right now your body is focussed on fighting the addiction. stay strong