By mom2arielle

Day 4

Rounding out day 4. So we are slowly getting dug out of the snow. I was able to get my car out the main roads are in good shape but the secondary roads are still dreadful. Which used to be when I got really nervous driving in the snow or whatever I would probably smoke a whole pack of cigs in the 5- 15 minutes that it took me to get where I was going. Ok probably not a pack but at least 2 or 3. So this was a trigger that I had to overcome today. This was good that I got to get outside and see some sunshine. I think I was really starting to get cabin fever. Now don’t get me wrong I love staying at home and I love my husband but at this stage in my quit and being cooped up in the house has made every little thing he does get on my nerves. Like breathing I mean come on do you really have to breathe while you are around me. Jk I am really not quite that bad but I have noticed some things that do seem to get under my skin that normally don’t bother me. Like earlier I was sitting in the chair watching Forensic files on Netflix. He came in and asked me why I was watching all these serial killer shows and proceeds to take one of my candy canes off my table. I just give him the look. I said they just interest me I want to know what they were thinking, what made them the way they were etc. He proceeds to unwrap the candy cane and start eating it and then he asks me well did you learn anything. I said yeah as a matter of fact I have. I have learned how SOME people accidently leave behind forensic evidence. He kind of looked at me funny and I just said with a pretty smile on my face please don’t eat my candy canes. He sent me a face book meme later that said “all you really need is someone who sees the psycho you are and likes you anyways. But really he is great he knows what I am going through although it might not be fresh on his mind he quit smoking several years ago probably like 7 years ago. We have been together for 20 years this year and in July we will celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary.
congrats :)
wow 18 years! awesome :) congratulations to you both
Hahha!! i literally laughed out loud at this.
congrats! 4 days down, more than half way through hell wekk