By mom2arielle

OH MY Its Snowmageddon

Ok so rounding out day three and cravings have been super severe today. I think it is mostly mental because I know I can’t go out to get any and even if I could (which I could I live a few blocks from stores) all the stores are closed I know because I did walk downtown earlier to try to find some goody’s powder for my head ache. But low and behold this snowmaggen has totally shut down our small town everything from the grocery store and dollar general to the gas station however on a funny note the tobacco store was open but I did not go in there although I am sure many people did. We did end up with about a foot and a half of snow which is about a foot and a half more than I wanted. I swear I need to move to a tropical climate. Of course we do not get snowmageddons but once every decade or so. I have noticed something positive about my quit today though I have not had a panic attack since I quit. So that shows there was a direct correlation between my smoking and my panic attacks. Even being pretty much trapped to my house with my husband acting silly and getting on my nerves which normally would have sent me spiraling to places that I would rather not even talk about I did not have a panic attack how great is that. I see why people get cabin fever though I have only been house bound so to speak like I said I can get out and walk around town but they are still advising us not to drive on the roads. But anyways back to cabin fever I have only been house bound for 2 days and I am already ready to go back to work or crazy or both. I only have one box of candy canes left so hopefully the stores will open back up tomorrow and I can get some more I know the one store still has a case or 2. Maybe I should just buy both cases. If they are not open I might just sit outside the store with a sign that says will work for candy canes. I will try to post pictures of the snow here in a little bit for those of you who might not have gotten blessed with this cold wet messy white stuff. 
thanks for the update!
at least you dont have to be outside in that smoke
good luck with the snow, and the quit!
Glad you're safe and smoke free! Will work for candy canes, thanks for the morning chuckle! Happy to say no snow in my part of Oregon