By gazzabsa


DMAN! day's 21 and 22 were the PITTS! - but woke up this morning feeling on TOP of the world I think it is because I realized a few things last night and maybe came to peace with them ?

 Every time my wife lights up - I keep thinking ONE puff would be amazing.
 Every time I have a beer - I think ONE smoke wouldn't t hurt.
 Every time things don't go my way - I think I need a smoke to handle this.
 Every time I achieve a target or complete a task - I think you deserve a smoke break.

 And so it has been going on and off with me, so last night I reach into my pocket for my trusty Zippo to light the Braai (Barbeque) DAMN and for the first time in nearly three decades I didn't have my lighter with me!

 That got me to thinking DUDE that lighter was with you through thick and thin - it went to the border (Army National service) with me , it was with me when I got married ,when all three of my kids were born ,with me when my kids graduated, when my eldest got married and sooo that lighter has been by my side.

 Then I thought NO the lighter was a crutch and has actually held me back ! I missed my half my dads speech as was having a smoke, umm err I only got to see my fist child born , I missed the other two cause I had gone for a smoke, I have missed concerts - piano recitals, debates, sports events and this list goes on just cause I smoked!

 So last night I realized its not just quitting it a total LIFESTYLE change! and I have to stop romancing smoking thoughts! 

 So today is the first day of the rest of my life without my Zippo.
I came to a similar place when I decided to truly become a non-smoker, I'm so with you, it's not just about quitting, it's about becoming!
Gazzabsa...Ja... Definately a life changing experience.....That national service days is where we took up this bad addiction because we were willingly forced into the adult world fighting a war as mere Children. But Truly since then that Zippo, box of Lion Matches or Bic lighter was there, in the top pocket, whilst working, fishing whenever and lighting the braai was normal...Now it is a pleasure to ask for someones lighter....Funny how life changes for the good !!!! I am enjoying this new smoke free life tremendously !!!!
thanks for sharing!