By mom2arielle

Day 2 Complete

Ok so last night was pure torture. I did not realize the amount of cigarette smell that came into the kitchen at work from the bar. And while I did not have to go into the bar at all I did have to make frequent trips into the kitchen and every time the smell smacked me in the face and was going come on you know you want one only one what will that hurt. Come one everyone is doing it. I was so glad when I got out of work unscathed. Then on the way home my mind was up to its same old trick saying to you know you really should buy a pack because you are going to be snowed in for a few days you know you need a pack for just in case. Just in case of what that I get cravings that I decide that I want to cave during the snow storm or maybe that I think they will keep me sane. Like I could really know they are there and not smoke them. So needless to say I did not buy any on my way home last night Me 1 nic monster -0. Came home and went to bed not much to say there. Woke up I think that is the worst time of day for me as that is when I smoked one third of my cigs was right after waking.  Got past it with my trusty candy canes though. Luckily we are having massive amounts of snow and I was unable to make it into work today since all I have accomplished today was sleep. I really do enjoy seeing all my awards come up thank at least gives me a sense of accomplishment in this time of questioning of whether or not this was the right time or should I wait till ____is over maybe next week will be better etc. I know this is the nico demon and no time is better than the present to be quit smoking and I defiantly do not want to go back to day one again. So I will be sitting here eating candy canes watching the rest of the snow fall which is not supposed to end till tomorrow night. Or I will be sleeping. Either way I will not be smoking since I do not have cigs and just about everything has shut down after our first foot of 3 feet of snow. P.s you know what goes good with snow and candy canes hot chocolate time to enjoy a nice cup with my daughter.
sounds like you are doing great. Keep it up as it will get easier, and going back to day 1 sucks.
Love this post! Stay strong stay safe!
stay strong!
thanks for sharing! snow, candy, hot chocolate, and family. what more could you need :)
AWESOME! congrats on day 2! you got this. one day at a time.