By mom2arielle

Day 1 Almost Over

Ok so day one will be over in an hour. I do have to go to work today but hopefully will not have to go into the bar too many times for drinks tonight. I am actually hoping not to have to go in there at all. I am hoping that with the impending storm that is coming with the snow (and me for that matter lol) that most people will not come out. What is funny with the winter storm is that everyone is buying up all the milk in bread in all of the stores and I am over here like I need patches and peperment gum. Which I have enough for a couple of weeks now. Anybody need gum. My day so far has not been too aweful bad. I woke up and craved really bad but decided to eat candy canes that I had left over for Christmas ended up eating 5 of them. I was like well I will just eat all of these then put the box in my purse. Ride to work was a little nerve wracking as we got a skiff of snow last night just enough to make a mess and they have not cleared the roads yet. Ate more candy canes. Got to work and told the cook I was quitting smoking after 22 years He got this really scared look in his eyes like I was going to stuff him in the freezer or something come to think of it I did not see him very much this morning maybe he was hiding from me that is okay though I had my candy canes they have become my new best friend you know. At breakfast this actually was not as hard as I thought it was going to be you know the after eating one I only needed 3 candy canes. One the way home I phoned my hubby to ask if he needed anything from the store the I was getting some patches He starts complaing about something that is beyond either one of our control. I start feeling like satan is going to burst out of my body at any minute. I snap at him I don’t really have time to listen to this crap I am trying to quit smoke and hung up on him. I felt bad but he will get over it. Went to the store bought patches and gum (they had no candy canes left maybe I should have started this before Christmas oh well the past is in the past I have quit now and that is what counts) drove home which was another trigger for me went to one more store closer to home for milk which I was not buying because of the storm I bought it because our family goes through a gallon a day and there are only 3 of us. And low and behold candy canes on clearance I am stocked up now. 
Lol, this made me chuckle. Like," do not get between me and my candy canes!" You can do this. Day one is tough. Hang on and keep going!
do not get between an ex smoker and her candy canes! thanks for sharing!
you can do it thanks for sharing!
the first step is the hardest, stay strong and thank you VERY much for sharing. we are here for you hun.
Your partner will totally understand, dont worry about it. Concentrate on the quit. You got this!
looking forward to tomorrows update! your body is healing, and the pain is it fighting, like any illness you will recover - it is temporary.