By mom2arielle

I Am Going To Do It This Time

Last reset! I learned that I could not do it cold turkey. I decided to try the patches for a while. I also bought me some snacks that seem to help some such as candy canes and peppermint gum cravings were unbearable to me. And I kept snapping really bad and my daughter and my husband. However with that being said I am going into this quit I will have not cigs and no way to get them as we are expected to get 2-3 feet of snow over the next 3 days. Everything will close even stores so I will not be able to just go out and get cigs (even if I could get my own car out.) I have already told my boss that I would do my best to get into work but I was not making any promises. My car sits lower to the ground so I do not have much clearance as far as snow goes. I have been noticing my health declining this past year and I know I really really really need to do this. My breathing is getting really bad and I hope that it is not too late. I have a drs. Appointment on Monday and will discuss that with him and hopefully get some answers. I am also hoping that some of the tightness and difficulty breathing will let up by then. I also know that this is going to wreak havic on my Panic disorder. I was a firm believer that smoking helped with my anxiety but now I feel that it is causing a great deal of it as I have most of my panic attacks after I smoke. My anxiety was in high gear when I tried to quit this past time too and it was only a day. Had panic attack after panic attack and those wear me out so I slept most of the day. Hopefully with the patches I wont have the increased anxiety that I had yesterday but only time will tell. I am aiming to run a 5k with my daughter in May. We have the color run that comes around every year and me and my daughter usually go but we walk it. Last year she said that she wanted to run it next year which would be this year so I guess that I need to start getting into shape and training for that. Well enough rambeling for one day lol.
keep rambling i love the honesty. smoking does not help the anxiety. it causes some of it
2-3feet of snow!? thank the lord you wont be outside smoking in it!
Welcome! Read the posts here and docs in the files for some inspiration. The support groups on Facebook are awesome too! Wishing,us all the best!
you got this. you never give up! the sign of an ex smoker in the making :)
Mom2... Nice post and nice to read... For us in Africa snow is unknown and I have seen snow visiting Europe.... Yes...the snapping at loved ones is the worst of this whole quit thing... But luckily they understand and will be grateful if you succeed and can do things with them....At my age 59 I still enjoy Kayak fishing with my son ...and a huge part of my reason to quit is whilst smoking I suffered bashing the waves... Must say after 7 months smoke free I am starting to keep up with the young man...Get some herbal supplements for the panic attacks... It makes your and those around you lives miserable !!!!