By 420dragonfly

My Future As A Non-Smoker....

In yesterday’s Quitza Quest post, I shared an exercise I was given by my quit coach to list out what my future life would be like if I continue as a smoker versus becoming a non-smoker.  Yesterday I shared the sad, ugly picture, but today, on my 30th day smoke free, 1st day patch free, we’ll look into my crystal ball and see what my future as a non-smoker might be like….

I’m stronger than I realized.  I battled one of the toughest addictions.  Although even now there are still times when the thought of a smoke sounds good, I am in control, I am strong, and I am a smart woman that won’t poison myself ever again!

I feel pretty darn good for an old gal!  I can work in the garden, walk through trails, ride my bike, do all sorts of things without being winded or tired.  I felt so much healthier and confident once I quit smoking that becoming more physically active was easy!  Being retired and healthy, NOW I’m really living!

My man & I enjoy a passionate life and live it to the fullest, traveling, exploring other cultures, growing our organic garden; these golden years truly can be wonderful!

My son and I, still the best of friends.  Family vacation coming up soon!! And that grandson of mine! He’s growing so fast…love our times together, especially at the beach!

When I think of the money I’ve saved by not smoking!!!  Startling!! And I’m enjoying every cent!

I’m learning all sorts of new things; when you feel good about yourself and feel as if you fit in, taking classes, getting involved just seems easier. 

I finally got that gingivitis under better control and my teeth are pretty white after a little help from my dentist and some natural treatments.

I’m the young, old gal who girls stop and ask, “what perfume are you wearing?” to which I respond, “no perfume, just my natural handmade soaps”.

I’ve learned so much about homeopathy and other natural alternative healing I’ve kept away from big pharma and have helped others too.

Just had my annual bloodwork and exam with my naturopath; between not smoking, getting a bit more exercise, eating healthier, and avoiding chemicals in my life, this old gal and her man are pictures of geriatric health!

Oh, my! That grandson of mine! What a fine man he’s become!  I can’t believe I’m going to be a great-grandma any day now!!!

One Love
congrats on being a great grandma nearly!
thanks for sharing
aww such a heartfelt post :) thanks