By 420dragonfly

What's The Buzz.....

I’m pretty sure we all experience on occasion a ringing in the ear.  My family used to say it’s ‘someone talking/thinking about you’.  Well I wish they’d stop talking/thinking about me already!!!  It’s been about 8 years now that the buzzing in my ear has been with me.  At first it wasn’t too bad, just an annoyance that I knew shouldn’t be there.  Back then I still had a traditional medical doctor, so when a particularly bad bout of insomnia struck I went to the doc and also mentioned this buzzing in my left ear.  I was told depression & anxiety and given prescriptions to fill.  Yep the sleeping pills put me to sleep, but nothing stopped the buzzing.  I went to an ears, nose, and throat doctor who ran some hearing tests, and told me yep, I have tinnitus, learn to live with it.  Learn to live with it!!  Was he crazy?  There had to be an answer, a cure for this!  He said since I had insurance they could do an MRI, to which I asked if he seriously thought there was something going on in my brain, to which he said no.  No MRI for me and it wasn’t long after that when my feelings toward traditional medicine and pharmaceuticals began to change.

People who live with tinnitus (I refuse to call myself a Tinnitus sufferer) often call it their ‘T’ and talk in terms of spikes.  And of course we’re all looking for the cure!  Most of the time I can tune my T out, sometimes it even gives me a break and goes away for a few hours or quiets considerably to the point I hardly notice!!  I’ve learned that stress makes it spike.  I’ve learned that lack of sleep makes it spike.  I’ve learned when it spikes, it’s hard to tune it out, it stresses me out, I can’t sleep, and it can become a vicious cycle.  

So I wasn’t too surprise when my T started spiking when I first started planning my quit, but it has NEVER been this bad!!  There’s no relief anymore, TV doesn’t drown it out so falling asleep is harder, and it’s now coming into the other ear, something I had prayed would never happen.  I can’t tell you the number of things I’ve tried from tranquilizers, to Niacin, to essential oils, just to name a few.  I met with my homeopath last night and will be trying a different remedy, and also looking into craniosacral therapy.

I had and still hold out some hope that the cigarettes are somehow the cause of or a contributing factor to my T, I mean they’re responsible for or contribute to so many other ailments, why not tinnitus!.  At the very least, I’m hoping that when my new normal sets in that my T will find its way back to lower volumes, if not disappear altogether.  Thanks for listening to my buzzzzzzzz!

One Love
oh wow, i didnt no tinitus got worse with stress. stay strong dragonfly
Love your posts the most :) thanks for another good one!
I am deaf,and suffered Tinnitus for years. I am now a cochlear implant user,not too much buzzing these days!! :-) :-)
I know tinnitus has a few different sources/causes. I've been told it has nothing to do with my hearing, but my brain looping. Snyderdebra (Debra?) are you saying you had T before your cochlear implant and now it's better? Curious if you know what caused yours. So glad to hear of your hearing and no T!!!
Does it ever disappear alltogether?
colwobbly, I used to have a few hours during the day that it wouldn't be there, primarily first thing in the morning. Now it's the first thing I hear. For the most part I can still tune it out, but it is much, much worse. Assuming i'll get used to it like I did when it first started, but everything seems a little heightened since quitting smoking.
Another day down! You're doing this!
Thanks for sharing another great post