By rinoagozzino

Chapter 5 - 1992

I wouldn’t say I was completely oblivious to the war on smoking back then but despite the variety of tactics being employed to educate and influence, I’m afraid it was falling on deaf ears as far as I was concerned.

I was 21 years old and had a life that revolved around my place of work.  I was still working as a storeman at ITT Cannon and I frequented the onsite social club most days of the week, perfecting my darts, pool and table football skills. With my Father working there for many years before I did, I had spent many evenings with my parents, siblings and then with my fiancé at this social club. I am reminded of the lyrics to the US TV programme Cheers when I remember Cannons social club, with affection, as a place where they’re always glad you came and everybody knows your name. So it was only natural that I had my 21st birthday party there with all my friends and family. Happy memories but unfortunately it wasn’t an environment that you would recommend for any non-smoker.

1992 saw the Mafia boss John Gotti sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and racketeering, Bill Clinton became U.S. president and England's Prime Minister John Major announced "Buckingham Palace has made it known that the Prince and Princess of Wales will separate.” 
Sharon stone starred in that iconic film Basic Instinct and I’m afraid to admit that the Cigarette didn’t put me off.
Maybe it was Jack Nicholson that hit the nail on the head when he shouted at Tom Cruise in a Few Good Men “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!”
Then Clint Eastwood cowboy went on the Wagon and got rid of the Cigar with his award winning film UNFORGIVEN, a dark Western that dealt frankly with the uglier aspects of violence and how complicated truths are distorted into simplistic myths about the Old West.

It was also the year that Cathy and I really demonstrated our commitment to each other and our future by buying our first house together. We were now in complete control of our own environment and we still weren’t persuaded to give up smoking. Even though the first nicotine skin patches became available on prescription in the UK and the actor, comedic genius and ex-smoker that is John Cleese joins the war on behalf of the Health Education Authorities campaign - Quitline.
i never knew john clese was an ex smoker
another great post! cant wait for tomorrows!
smoking adverts used to be everywhere on tv and films
are you remembering all these events or is it some google magic? because you have an excellent memory if you are!
I'm getting help wherever I can find it. I'm posting them on facebook aswell and my friends and family are chipping in. I hope that it'll be something my kids and grandkids will enjoy in the future.