By rinoagozzino

Chapter 4 - 1991

The year is 1991 and the unrelenting tide of change continued as London Transport took the decision to completely ban smoking on buses. The Football Association announced plans for a new "super league" of 18 clubs to replace the First Division of English football and as I would come to realise in the many disappointing years to follow, it marked the end of a period of dominance from my beloved Liverpool FC, the team that my Father supported when he first moved to England and then brainwashed his offspring with the same blind passion. To make things worse it was Liverpool’s nemesis Manchester United that took up the mantle, winning the European Cup Winner’s Cup with a 2–1 win over Barcelona to give English clubs a winning return to European competitions after their five-year ban was lifted the year before.

It was the year of the Canadian singer Bryan Adams record breaking hit single, featured in the film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves starring Kevin Costner, “(Everything I Do) I do it for you”. Perhaps Bryan should have tried harder to share the love with that other famous couple…….

Whilst the cracks were starting to show between Charles & Di, Rino & Cath were just getting started. It was the year of our first holiday together and it was the classic British destination, the Haven Caravan Holiday Park, which had the pleasure of our company for a week. Our careless attitude to our own health continued as we carried on our youthful flirtation with excessive drinking, smoking, risk and outrage. Never meaning anyone else any harm or offense, we made the most of the privacy, we danced, we laughed and we drank. In between time I entered and won a pool competition which awarded us with a free return holiday for another week. Thinking back now it did seem that it was these type of activities that attracted a certain type of people that smoked. I don’t think you could say that now.
We saw thousands of British shops, including giants Asda & Tesco, defy trading laws and open their doors on a Sunday in a bid to boost trade that had been badly hit by an ongoing recession and Bohemian Rhapsody returned to the top of the British singles charts after 16 years. It marked the end of an era as lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury passed away just 24 hours after going public with the news that he was suffering from AIDS.
1991 - its crazy to think that was 25 years ago..
smoking and holidays always used to go hand in hand for me. the cheap smokes and the sun did something to me.
Brought back some memories! Thanks for sharing!