By rinoagozzino

Chapter 3 - 1990

Today is the anniversary of my Mother’s death. It was 11 years ago her battle with Cancer ended and it feels right that I dedicate this post to my Mum, with whom I was privileged to share an absolute and unconditional love.

1990 was the Italia 90 World Cup year, which began with an upset when Cameroon beat holders Argentina, but ended more predictably with a dour final won by West Germany. Both Italy and England reached the Semi-Finals and both lost on penalties. We saw tears from England’s Gazza, elation from Italy’s Schillaci and Pavarotti sung Nessun Dorma.

So was I inspired by my footballing heroes to keep fit and stay healthy? Almost…… I was inspired to watch the action in the pub with my mates, beer in one hand and cigarette in the other.
The year before I’d spent my 18th birthday in Sicily and I remember there was much more of a smoking culture on the continent, which suited me fine. But I was away from home and Cathy for a month, they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder and so it felt right after 3 years together that I go down on bended knee and propose. Of course she said yes and with her 18th birthday that November we started making arrangements for a joint 18th/engagement party.
Now Cathy and I had very different backgrounds. Both her parents were middle class, born in England, well-educated and self-employed. My Father was Sicilian, moved to England with his family at the age of 14 and rather than move back home with the rest of his family a few years later he stayed after meeting an English rose, a young farmers daughter, my Mother. Neither was well educated, both had low skilled jobs and were lower class. What both sets of parents had in common was their love of family.

So with our different backgrounds it was understandable that I might feel a little intimidated by Cathy’s parents and want to demonstrate that I was “good enough” for their daughter. The last thing I wanted was for them to think that I had turned their little girl into a smoker. But nothing could be further from the truth, she was (still is) very strong willed and if there was any influencing going on it would be her leading me a stray. She continued to hide her filthy habit from her family for many years to come.
The party was a success, our family and friends helped us bring the year to an end and celebrate what seemed to be a future with endless opportunity. I think there is only one way to end this particular post. This is for you Mum.
i am REALLY enjoying these year based posts. thank you!
Welcome Tracy. Thanks for the support!
Thanks for sharing! Trying to figure out what I'll write today....
It's tough but definitely a positive distraction. :-)
sorry to hear about your mom :( say strong
such lovely words about your partner and your mother. you are clearly a loving person :) thank you for sharing
thanks rino. beautiful read. is cathy still smoking?
Thanks for sharing such honesty hun :)
Cathy isn't smoking at the moment. Thanks again for the support folks!
your mum would be so proud of you for quitting. stay strong, do it for her.
Thanks for sharing, your posts show the strength of you love for your family and I am sure they for you. Stay strong, you can beat the cigs!