By 420dragonfly

The Ride For My Life!

There it is, a large, looming roller coaster, taunting us to give it a try.  Some of us see it and feel fear and dread, others see an exciting challenge, and some of us are kind of in-between, we want it, but not sure we can handle it.  Some jump right in line ready to ride the ride, some of us need to mentally prepare for the ride, others walk away, not quite ready.

Then at some point, we’re ready to take our turn on the coaster.  We strap ourselves in and brace ourselves for what’s to come.  Now admit it, whether you love roller coasters or fear them, if you’ve gotten this far you’re starting to feel that exhilaration, that heart pounding excitement (ok, maybe a little fear too) but you’re taking something big on…you’re excited, you can conquer this coaster!

You approach that first hill, heart is pounding and your palms may be starting to sweat, you may even be a little queasy in the tummy.  Some are wondering if they can handle it, some are ready to jump off it’s so scary, but we hold on tight and work our way up the hill.  Some may close their eyes, hoping that shutting things out will make it easier, others curse themselves for doing this, others will look wildly around with nervous anticipation!

Then you’re at the top of that first hill….heart pounding faster, holding on tight, and there’s the plunge!  That stomach in your throat, suck the breath out of you plunge!  Most scream, some laugh, some cry, all are relieved when they reach the bottom of the hill.  You rattle along, feeling pretty good, then bam! A sharp turn! Another gut wrenching hill!  But still there’s that exhilaration there that says, scary but oh so exciting!  Your heart pounds, here comes another hill!  It’s bigger, it’s badder than the last one!  Going up the hill slowly, panic sets in, holding your breath in fear, you don’t think you’re going to make it, but you know you can’t turn back now!  Another plunge you scream, you cry, you curse the ‘friend’ who got you into this mess!  

Then the ride stops, you’re at the end, you made it!!  You survived day 1 of the recovery roller coaster!!!  

I’ve now ridden this ride 21 times in a row!  I’m getting used to this ride.  I can better anticipate and prepare for those twists & turns.  I’m honestly starting to like this ride and will be back tomorrow for one more go at it!

If you’re scared of that coaster, maybe tried it and didn’t like it, give it another try, you just might find the next time is a blast!!

One Love
Love it!! and so very true.
Such a living description of the whole quit thing...Thanks !!!
I love this so much. Wish I could like it a million times...its sooo true. I think the HARDEST part for me is my best friend smokes and we are around each other a lot. She offers to not smoke around me, but I have to fight the temptation for when people smoke and I do!
reading that was a roller coaster! Thanks for sharing
amazing metaphor for smoking!
man i love rollercoasters. maybe we should all treat ourselves out to a theme park with the money we saved by quitting!
did you write that yourself? beautiful words :)
really enjoyed that. thank you
Thanks all, glad you enjoyed! Yes upinsmoke, I wrote that :)
Fantastic your very clever! sums it up in a nutshell :) day by day ride each day!!!
the ride will become so normal soon you no longer realise your on it. you got this