By rinoagozzino

Quitza Quest Chapter 2 - 1989

How am I going to be able to write 400 plus words, in the context of smoking, every day for 30 days and keep myself interested, let alone anyone else? Well, I thought, why not build on the coincidence that the Quitza Quest challenge is 30 days and I have been smoking for 30 years. Surely there is mileage in that? One post for each year of my smoking life, concluding with the year I quit.

Here we go then. The year is 1989; I am 18 years old and have left the building sites behind me in favour of a “steady job” as a Storeman for a large company called ITT Cannon. It wasn’t a change I was overly keen on but my Father convinced me that I would at least have some job security and a regular wage, if I went to work with him.

I was an immature 18 year old and at this stage of my life I had no real ambition apart from socialising. I had grown up in a pub culture and loved to drink, smoke, play pool and darts with my mates. Not to mention of course the opposite sex, whilst I wouldn’t say I was monogamous I definitely had a twinkle in my eye for a young lady I had been seeing for a couple of years that would one day become my wife and the mother of my children.  

Her name was (and still is) Cathy and we were super cool. We both smoked Benson & Hedges back then and whilst the dangers of smoking were becoming more widely accepted, we didn’t care. We were cool, we were rebels without a clue and we had perms, leather jackets, earrings and we would live forever. No government, parent or medical authority was going to tell us otherwise. 
You might notice a slight influence from the movie Grease in the photo attached and when did Sandy “shape up”?; when she stuck a cigarette in her mouth. 
Then there was Clint Eastwood, now how cool was he as a cowboy; never without that cigar.
Like I said, I was an immature 18 year old and if I remember rightly, even if I was ignorant at the time. The tides of change were already starting to sweep through society and it was this particular advert of the future smoker that sticks out in my mind. 

If only I’d paid more attention at the time.
Awsome! Looking forward to getting to know your through your 30 years :). These 400 word posts ain't easy, but then neither is quitting but we're doing it!!
Thanks! This one took a while, hoping that now I've got a theme it'll get easier. So far so good, this site and the challenge are helping. If I get it right it'll be something my future great grand children can read to get an insight in what it was like back in the day 😊 No retreat, no surrender! Another 80's film 😉
Great post. worth the time to write it!
bored reading it? are you joking! cant wait for tomorrows!
you haven't changed a bit :)
great idea on how to fill the 30 days! that clint eastwood thing really struck home with me... one of my childhood heroes. who always smoked
i dont think anyone here is bored. reading about other peoples journeys and knowing we are not alone is the whole reason we are here! is cathy still smoking?
Thanks again for the great comments folks. Cathy's had her ups and downs with smoking aswell. I'll explain all in future posts.
thanks for sharing this. you have quite a way with words!