By rinoagozzino

Quitza Quest

Ok, so part of my Quitza quest is to write daily posts that are over 400 words long. Now this will be a challenge.

So lets see, I guess my story starts at the tender age of 16. This is when I left school, started working on building sites as a labourer and where I was seduced into the world of smoking. 
Fast forward 30 years, a Wife, 3 kids and a mortgage and I'm still puffing away. Having failed miserably on regular occasions to give up, probably because deep down I enjoyed it, untill now. 
This year something was different, this year I no longer felt invincible. 30 years of smoking had to have an affect, and it was becoming obvious to me and my kids that no matter how lucky I might be in avoiding some of the serious consequences of this consistent self harming habit, time was running out. 
If I wanted to reverse the way my body was reacting to 30 years of abuse, if I wanted to continue being there for my boys when they need me most and if I want the slightest chance of being around to meet my Grand children, I needed to act now.

So this year didn't feel like I was saying goodbye to an old friend. Don't get me wrong I still had that feeling of dread as I approached my last cigarette, knowing what was to come. I'd tried most methods in the past but if your hearts not in it, you've got no chance. Cold turkey seemed right for me this time, no half way, no compromise, no retreat and no surrender. So whilst I knew what was coming, it just didn't feel so bad this time. My old friend had out stayed his welcome I guess.

So its now coming up to my 5th day without  a smoke and I'm feeling good, feeling confident, feeling like a non smoker for the first time ever in my adult life. I've got through the first few days at home on holiday and I'm through the first few days back at work and somehow it feels right this time.

Now has this post helped? Has it contributed towards my goal of never smoking ever again? To be honest I'm not sure, its certainly helped passing some time but that was never really an issue for me. Maybe if I need to look back it might help, time will tell. So I'm passed the 400 words and have bored the pants off of anyone who needs a brief distraction but if its helped you, I'm glad. Although not sure I can do this every day. Thanks for reading and best of luck to you all. Remember No retreat, No surrender.

Thanks for sharing - keep going strong x
Thank you so much for sharing!! Congrats to u. Keep up the great work!!
I liked the story and congrats !!!
Thanks for sharing! I'm on the quest too and curious to see how well I'll do with the 400 word posts!! Wishing us all the best of success on this journey
Beautiful post, i love the way you write.
Awesome read. thanks for sharing
This is post one. Wait until we are all waiting for a daily update and maybe it will help :)
Thanks all for your kind words.
thanks so much! really enjoyed that. Just imagine holding your grandchild for the first time - what more motivation could you need.