By cattz

Bingo Night

My mother says bingo is relaxing, she plays every day. I don't find it relaxing at all with bright florescent lights and the frantic search for numbers as a timer counts down.  I use to rush outside at every chance I had to smoke. I challenged myself to go to bingo tonight and not smoke. I've been smoke free for 6 weeks now and I find that if I continue to do what I've always done but not smoke while I'm doing it, I get past those triggers and cravings. 

So Sunday night bingo and the hall is about half full. There are two separate rooms, smoking and non-smoking. We’re divided by glass walls but you can still smell the smoke since the doors are constantly opening as people walk from room to room. They have an air system in there to filter out the smoke but I think it was overwhelmed years ago. Even when I was smoking I couldn’t stand the smell of that room! Stale cigarette smoke like a crowded bar back in the 80’s! I sit near the exit in non-smoking. Sometimes when the doors open, a gust of wind will blow in and freshen the room…much to my relief. 

There are games that I don’t play throughout the evening. Since the sessions are 5 hours long I take advantage of the time I’m not playing to get up, stretch and do anything except smoke. It’s my habit to go outside during these breaks so I go out into the cool night air. I find that getting outside and breathing deep actually helps dispel the cravings. 

I love the way my lungs feel now. They are not fully recovered yet and I can still make myself wheeze if I try but that’s so much better than it was 6 weeks ago. I couldn’t keep from wheezing then!! Yes, I’m still coughing but it’s not the wet cough of a smoker, it’s a productive cough that is cleaning the sludge left from smoking from the bottom of my lungs.

Unfortunately I didn’t win at bingo tonight so there will be no extra dollars to put into my savings account. However, I did win the fight against cigarettes tonight and I did not smoke so I will be putting the money I saved by not smoking into my little savings account and someday that little account and I will take a nice, smoke free vacation. 
Wow what a great post! beautifully written
keep coughing that stuff up! i love the feeling. it makes me think my lungs are cleaning.
damn those places a full of smokers. congrats!
Thats great cattz. The money you save over your life by quitting will be much more than bingo anyway!
lol its not relaxing for me either. good job dealing with that without smoking
awesome! you did well :)
lovely - thanks for sharing
are the two rooms playing the same game? Thanks for sharing