By hercu

This Quit Thing ….5 Months.... Amazing !

This is for remembrance of the most amazing 5 months of my life…I evolved from a rebellious hard ass smoker to a jubilant none smoker and can only look back on my wonderful journey and remember the pain, the loss, the total flatness, the KO’s and most important the victories….
I remember that first few days where rats took over your brain cavity for nesting, the total Zombification, walking around like a detuned radio and frantically trying to escape the tsunami of emotions and feelings. 
During this time I was delivered quite a few curve balls, a serious motorbike accident by our 25 year old baby, the huge drought in Southern Africa deputising our business and the job security of 700 of my loyal employees and the latest the loss of my beloved brother in law that was more than a brother than brother in law.
The most wonderful thing during this time is that not one day or moment I thought to take up smoking again… I Did not feel that it will be worth it although all the triggers was there....The amazement of being smoke free was way to sweet. I have learned to ask myself how important is it really that you feel satisfied right now for 2 minutes, compared to getting yourself free from this addiction forever? 
The process of quitting smoking doesn’t end with the last cigarette. It’s not quitting itself, the real key is staying quit….. and I am committed to stay smoke free forever. For the first time in 38 years I have lived although it is for 5 months only but I have tasted freedom and I liiiiiiiiiike it……….. 
Hercu - inspirational, as always! :) I read all of your posts in order earlier and have to say that really helped me get through a difficult afternoon - it's a fantastic achievement given everything that's gone on in your life recently - kudos to you for persevering! I'm only on day 5, but I'm looking forward to my 5 month anniversary now! :)
Inspirational, beautiful, incredible as always. Congrats hercu :)
Hercu you are back! Where have you been! Was getting worried about you! Great post as always :)
Thank you Sammi...Been so busy trenching for water for irrigation...Been to the Funeral and battling with poor internet services due to massive power failures. But above all I am going strong and better each day... Thank you and thank you Buddy and Elrup.
Thanks for sharing hercu. Good to see you around here again
You have done so well to not smoke through these very tough times. You are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.
Congrats hercu, so strong to stay smoke free through all these tests
5 months is amazing! Freeeeeeedom!
So proud of you, you deserve this quit. Thanks for sharing and thanks for coming back - we missed you!