By elrup

So... Halfway Through Day 3... :)

Afternoon all - hope you're doing well!

Just an update after my "evenings are hard post" - Tim's comment about how he finds mornings, afternoons and evenings hard strikes a chord with me! :) 

I'm still not smoking (why would I want to?), and things are getting a little bit better...

Day 1 was definitely the worst, but the sense of achievement having completed a day makes you realise that if you can do one day, why not two, ten, 100 etc.

Now I'd love to say it's getting easier - but I'm not sure that it is getting "easier" as quickly as I hoped!

I know I'm not thinking about it as much as I did on day 1 (part of the reason for not visiting here until now - trying not to think about it!), but it's always nagging in the back of my head one way or another.

On the first day I locked myself in the house and struggled through, on the second day I went to work and it really shocked me how much that triggered me to the point I came home and bolted the doors shut!!!

Obviously I switched on the TV later in the evening and saw the stuff happening in Paris.  That seems to have put things in to perspective a lot - there are a whole bunch of people that are no longer with us through no fault of their own.  My personal demons are inconsequential compared to what those people went through, and what their relative must now go through.  It was a sobering thought (sorry for bringing people down).

On a positive note - it really is getting better (it just doesn't feel like it is), I've got soooo much more energy than I did (cleared out the garage this morning - something I've been putting off for ages!).  Just had a pizza and it tasted totally different to how I remembered it - so much more tasty!

Sure, I've got a bit of a cough - but I think that's a good thing - I'm ridding myself of the poison.  Feel so much more alert now!

It's been an interesting journey to get here (and I know I'm not out of the woods), but in the grand scheme of things it's a piece of cake - that's what I keep telling myself!

Be strong, stay vigilant and keep going - if I can do this, anyone can! :)
It might be worth adding that the only way I've been able to resist temptation is to ensure there is nothing I can smoke at home... Literally nothing. In the time it takes you to get to a shop you've got a chance to talk yourself out of going there... I'm 10 minutes (at this time of night) from the nearest place I can buy a cigarette. I've started the car, driven halfway and then returned once I realised the error of my ways. You might be stronger, but don't leave temptation in your way...
Lovely post thank you for sharing. Making sure you have nothing in the house to smoke is a great way of forcing yourself to be quit. Like you say by the time you make it to the shop the craving may have passed. Love reading your posts please keep them coming! Stay strong
All of the first week will be difficult. We call it hell week here. It sounds like you Are in the right frame of mind to make this a permanent quit. You are one more day closer to being quit forever
It's going to take about two weeks before you notice it being actually easier. It will get easier day by day after week one but gradually.
Glad I could help! Thank you for your post the stuff happening in Paris really does put our struggle into perspective...
It gets easier. Trust me! Hang in there!