By elrup

Dammit... Evenings Are Hard!

Never thought the evening would be hard, that's when I'm most relaxed; day one (during the day) has been OK... Been able to keep myself busy with work (and YouTube no-smoke vids!)... This evening, normally unwind... But I'm more wound than ever!

Looking forward to waking up tomorrow in the hope it starts to get a little easier as the days go by... I don't want a groundhog day!

Started following some peeps and checking their progress... I'm kind of leaning on you lot and your achievements right now: I'm just finding it really useful to know I'm not the only person treating their hair out!

Not sure how I can help any of you out there, but if anyone needs encouragement or I can help in anyway, just let me know... Refreshing this site regularly! 😊

You are more relaxed in the evening, but you also have more time to think about smoking, Work occupies most of us during the day. It definitely will get better. The first few days you still have nicotine in your system so they are the worst.
I belong to two support groups. I find both helpful. and I read as much as possible about nicotine addictions. My other support group has Alot of files to read,which is really a big help.
do you have Facebook? I want to add you to Yes You Can
i think you're right - you have more time on your hands so you tend to dwell on smoking. My strategy last night was a little unorthodox. I made sure there was nothing I could smoke in the house, then I opened a bottle of wine and phoned a friend for a couple of hours... there was no way I was going to get cigarettes after finishing the wine (nearest shop is 5 miles away)... a little extreme, but last night called for extreme measures! :)
Evenings get a little tough for me as well. I've been keeping myself busy by either doing random housework, or puzzles, or coloring books. You can do this!
How are you getting on today still staying strong?
thanks for sharing I love the enthusiasm post more!
Evenings and Mornings and afternoons are when I struggle at the moment!
It sounds like you are in a good frame of mind for your quiet it does get easier stay strong!
You're not the only one! We are in this together. Like a family here 😄