By paraphilimea

Quit Smoking But Increased Drinking

Hi all, so I quit smoking over 2 months ago (daily half a pack smoker). The physical effects were rough. I felt like I had a cold, had headaches, found it hard to concentrate for the first two weeks, and had weird sleep issues. The biggie, though, has been energy levels; I feel like I'm just now getting back to pre-quit baseline energy. I had a comparatively easy time with managing cravings and resisting a slip or relapse. This included smoking while drinking, which I was a bit surprised about given that I had a social/ bar smoking habit for years before increasing to daily smoking over the past few years. The issue I'm thinking through now is drinking. I've been a moderate to heavy drinker for ages. With quitting smoking, my drinking has ramped up - perhaps compensating for missing the nicotine neurotransmitter fix? And with more beer plus quitting smoking plus a metabolism illness, my weight has increased quickly. I've given myself a pass about the drinking while working through my cigarette quit but I feel like I'm through the woods on that. Anyone else experience this? Tips for following a smoke quit with a drink quit or stark reduction?
smoking while drinking is a huge trigger for many people. do your cravings not get harder when you drink?
Prior to quitting I found that the indoor smoking bans decreased my drinking. Instead of lighting one at the bar, I went outside every halve hour and ended up ordering less drinks. So I think if you are no longer going out to smoke, it makes sense that you are drinking more. I've been on antibiotics and I haven't been drinking, so I'm not a good example. But I think the science is that it's more difficult to quit alcohol if you smoke. Though I imagine it is tough to quit both together, without an enjoyable replacement for your time. Since you are concerned about the weight, some type of exercise program would be best. Try to find something that doesn't seem like a chore, or else you will eventually stop. I read that Chantix also curbs alcohol cravings. But check with a qualified doctor on that. Best of luck.
I find after quitting I start drinking more, but it settles down after a while. Interestingly, when smoking I didn't feel like drinking so much. Cocoaxchange - If paraphilimea is anything like me, the vast majority of his/her drinking is done at home.
Cant relate to that unfortunately, but thanks for sharing im sure others here will be able to help. and congrats on your quit going well so far!
yup that happened to me too, i used to love a drink - the cravings while drinking were too hard for me so i had to stop both for a while. It sucked. but im alot better for it now.
treat them as two seperate issues, get the smoking under control first - then work on the drinking. Aslong as it is not an excessive amount you are consuming. Thanks for your honesty and thanks for sharing :)
Electrode, the smoking cravings are a bit harder when drinking but, really, not bad. I really felt strongly, deep down that "I'm done with smoking." I took contrarytactics to many: no quit date, purposely did not avoid triggering situations, no NRT. My energy took such a dive and I've been sleeping so much more, that regular exercise has been an issue, so, yes, going to be working on that. Thanks for piping in, Ocelot, I expected that dr
inking might make avoiding cigarettes too hard and result in less drinking, but the cravings are manageable and the opposite seemed to happen. Anyway, I feel like the smoking quit is managed and energy/sleeping getting back to normal so time to start upping exercise and slowing drinking.
id ignore the weight gain - loosing a few extra pounds is something you can worry about down the line - quitting the smoking is enough for now.
You'll find that energy keeps increasing :) Thanks for sharing.
how bad has the drinking gotten? a few extra drinks shouldent hurt - but only you know how much of a problem it is.
Congrats on getting this far! alot of people stop drinking while quitting because of the cravings that alcohol triggers. keep an eye on the drinking and slowly reduce the amount. one habit at a time!
It has had the opposite affect on me. I do not drink as much as I did before I quit smoking. Try going to the gym or taking a long walk instead of drinking. That helped me a lot
I think you're wise to keep the drinking in check. The addiction to nicotine is difficult to overcome in its own right but can't even imagine how difficult it would be to overcome alcohol addiction. Just guesses that the quit on smoking is a piece of cake as compared to the quit on alcohol.