By samisampson33

3 Months Done!

So happy right now! Cannot quite believe it. It has been a long and tiring journey to this point with many highs and lows. But i feel like i have beaten this addiction now. 

The cravings are all gone pretty much, i get some little ones now and again but they pass pretty quickly. I feel like i am free. 

But i must not be complacent it is a false sense of security that made me relapse after a few months last time. I thought i could control it but i failed. So this time it will be different. I am ready for the nicodeamons sneak attacks! 

Thank you for all your support. I Honestly love this place i feel like many of you guys are family in this battle. Stay strong brothers and sisters.
And thank you quitza too! This place is incredibile.
be careful it gets you when you least expect it. congrats tho
Congrats sami you earned it!
Nice one sami, you're free
3 months already! It seems like only yesterday you joined. well done hun.
Well done sami! You are such a great member here the feeling of family is mutual.
congratulations and well done on completing 3 months. amazing job :)
next milestone - 4 months!
Great post. You have to be on guard for a long, long time, but you can and will stay quit! Great job making it 90 days!
You for 1 deserve this new freedom Sami.. Well done !!
Woop woop
Bravo on a quarter of a year!
That is so great. I feel the same as you. I never thought I would get to this point. It has been only 2 months for me. But I feel like I have kicked this addiction as well. Stay strong. We are all pulling for you.
Well done Sami. Amazing. I love your honesty and dedication.
Good for you
Good for you and surrounding people.