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Has Quitza Helped You Quit Smoking?


We are doing a little bit of research and would like to hear your opinions! We would love to know what you think about Quitza. Has it helped you quit? What about it has helped (or not helped)? What would you change? Please leave your replies (long or short) below! 

Full Disclosure: We planning to use some of these replies on a new "Meet Quitza" page to introduce new people to Quitza. If you would not like your quote to be used but still have something you would like to say please do not reply here. But we would still love to hear your feedback. Please email
love quitza, love the people, love the vibes
Its great to have a place where i can rant and rave to people that are going through the same experience as me.
Yup it helps, i cant stop checking my stats.
Yes, It is a good sounding board to hear from people in your current stage and those more advanced in the process. You can ask questions, or hear others ask things you may have been reluctant to ask.
Yes, it's good to have something to pull up whenever you have a craving. I use other sites also, but this is the only one I am registered too, and it seems to have the best set up for that.
Quitza is such an unmissable part of the quit journey. It gave me answers, confidence and most of all the will to stay quit.
I don't know what i would do without something like Quitza. I love hearing about other peoples quit journeys. Helping them through the hard times and celebrating with them when they pass milestones, and unconditionally getting support in return
YES! I had already quit for a while since joining. But being surrounded by people going through the tough times at the start of their quits and supporting them makes me remember daily that i need to be careful to not start smoking again.
I'm a student and its hard to get support from many of my peers. Quitting smoking is not something that is a high priority for many students. It's great to know there is a community here who are going through exactly the same journey as me and who i can rely on for support.
i like being able to see other people doing the same thing as me, it feels easier together
Quitza has changed my life. I always wanted to go to support groups but just never had the time. Here i get the support i need, when i need it. I feel like a part of something bigger than just my quit.