By mbarber2121

People Who Vape.

I have not used any NRT.  I have been on Wellabutrin which I believe has helped. Whether it be a placebo or it really does help with the cravings, I don't care which. However, my question is, if you are vaping are you still continuing to be a smoker. The reason I ask this is because everyone I know that has vaped has not been able to quit.  I think that the vaping may keep you still addicted when the goal should be to purge the withdrawals and the addiction.  What do you guys think?  
I started vaping two years ago while still smoking. After a year I stopped smoking and only vaped. I gradually cut the nicotine level in my e-cigs till it was zero 6 weeks ago. So I found vaping helpful. But I think everyone needs to find their own solution they are comfortable with. I'd like to ditch it completely, but I still carry around one around. Vaping a nicotine-less one is not much different from chewing on a pencil. It's some type of security blanket for me. So I would say if vaping is a long term solution, it's not the best one. But for me, using it made sense and was productive. I have friends who successfully used gum, patches, hypnoses, & Kabbalah to quit. But they all sounded weird to me.
Goo luck Mbarber and everyone else..
Mbarber....Yes, I think the reason to quit smoking is to get the Nicotine out of your system but we all know it is easier said than done,,,,I strongly believe that there is less dangerous chemicals in vaping than in Cigarettes and if it lead to a total quit at the end of the day... well done !
I dont think you are smoker if you vape. its the same as people using nicotine gum and stuff.
Like coco said you can get 0mg vaping juice. Its just a habit then - one that should be alot easier to stop eventually than smoking
It didn't work for me. Best for me just to cut everything out.
It certanily prolongs the quit process but does help alot of people.
One of the issues with vaping is the amount of nicotine you intake is usually increased because it is nearly harmless. This is not a problem if you manage to quit, but if you start smoking again people usually smoke alot more than before they tried vaping.... That said, i know many people that have instantly quit easily by vaping.
you become a "vapester" instead of a smoker. It confuses people sometimes, you'll be asked not to smoke and when you point out you are not they ask you to stop vaping because it looks like smoking. It's an interesting question you ask tho. I recently read that a person is trying to quit the gum with vaping since he's been chewing nicotine gum for 9 years and it has hurt his teeth.
I too have been on Wellbutrin and it has helped. I believe in if I am quitting I am quitting all nicotine...2 weeks for me nicotine free
Vaping has gotta be better than smoking? Surely.
I hear that the only bad thing with vaping is that they dont know how bad the flavorings are for you. The liquid that is inhaled (without the flavorings) is the same stuff that provides the power in an asthma inhaler.
Vaping has nicotine and potentially toxic flavorings or other ingredients. Though most harmful ecigs are made in countries where there is little consumer safety oversight. So if you vape, be careful to where the carts are manufactured. Tobacco has nicotine and hundreds of documented poisons, so it must be worse. Though my doctor says that is not proven.
Playing with semantics here, if youre putting something to your mouth and inhaling, be it vapers or smoke, YOURE SMOKING!