By bradleysinger

A New Addiction

so i know smoking is an addiction but since ive quit ive got a new addiction and thats chewing gum.

has anyone else got this obsession or is it just me?

Bradleysinger...Mine is sugary sweets....Again I know it is wrong but it is so nice and doesn't make me stink !!
Getting addicted to gum is much better than being addicted to smoking!
Great question! I didn't pick up any bad habits but will be very interesting to see what other people say! Thanks for sharing!
like hercu i also consume a huge amount of chocolate and sweets now - but who cares! Its not going to kill me like smoking!
I thought i recognised this question! Welcome to Quitza bradley :)
Not me, but whatever you use as a little crutch will almost certanily be better than cigarettes
Coffee, lots and lots of coffee!
Im chewing gum like a cow chewing grass.
Yup i totally chew non nicotine gum all the time! Its pretty much harmless though (compared to smoking!)
Fruit juice and gum (not at the same time!)
I drink alot more water than i used to - i guess that is a good thing tho!
Chewing straws or should I say chomping on
Gum won't kill you :) al long as its a sugar
Copenhagen, my choice of habit. I know, it's still nicotine. At least it's going into my lungs.
*not going into my lungs