By allypterns

Expired Nicotine Patches

Has anyone got any idea if expired nicotine patches will still be ok to use? I have a whole box of nicorette left over from a previous quit attempt and was wondering how safe they are.  

I did a bit of research and some people are saying that they are fine to use where as other people say they have a shelf life and will make me feel sick.   

Maybe i should just stop using the patches and deal with the cravings / withdrawals and remove all the nicotine from my body. I almost feel like i am cheating by quitting smoking using NRT... Anyway! Thanks!
Hmm does it have a use by date on the box?
I have a bunch of expired nicotine patches! Can i use them then? I would love to know!
Allypterns...I have got no experience on patches and got no advice you are doing very well and there is no cheating because you do not inhale that nasty chemicals from cigarettes into your precious lungs....You will some day decide to get rid of the nicotine when you are ready....If you are not ready continue with NRT.....Strongs !!
I would imagine that they last a long time, but not forever. Check the box for a expiry date.
I have used very old nicotex patches before and did not notice any difference. Totally bro science though - dont take my word for it!
Maybe give nicorette a call and see what they say, can you remember when you first purchased them?
Im not sure but i know e liquid for vapes has an expiry date of about 2 months if that helps at all?
I have used a bunch of expired patches by accident too. They didnt make me feel sick and they were being used a long time after they were out of date! They seemed to provide me with a lot less nicotine than normal, i noticed huge cravings that i could not explain... Until i checked the packet and realised my patches were out of date! So i just doubled up on them so they didnt go to waste. No sickness or illness or anything. My advice would be to try one and see. Providing they are less than a few years old they should still provide you with at least a small amount of nicotine!
I actually asked my GP about this once. His reply was basically they dont know. The companies that produced these patches dont test them beyond the expiry date. He said that he doubts there would be any permanent damage done if you decided to use them, but they may make you feel a little ill. So try at your own risk!
This is good to know, i have some old patches too - i am quitting smoking cold turkey but have kept them from a previous quit attempt. I have always wondered if they were still usable. I will give them to a friend who uses patches and report back!
Generally expired products lose their potency, but don't harm. But as someone else said, I would call the manufacturer or check their website.