By sarah

Why Do People Start Smoking Later In Life?

I have met a few people that have actually started smoking later in life. Some of these people are in their 30’s others started smoking in their 50’s. Sounds a little crazy to me. 

Some people, over the age of say 25 conciously decide to smoke.... It is CRAZY. They should be old enough to not bow into peer pressure, and be wise enough to make an informed decision about it. But still i meet people from time to time who decide this is a good idea.... 

So I decided to ask them why.

The first person responded that they had actually been a smoker when they were much much younger but had quit before their 20th birthday. They were going through a particularly stressful divorce and had used them as a crutch to combat their stress. They actually felt like smoking helped them through the tough time, but now many years later they still have the addiction.

The other person I spoke to had a similar situation. They had never smoked, but did have an alcohol problem. They had just lost a family member to a terrible illness and ended up spending a lot of time in bars drinking the pain away. One thing led to another and boom, another addicted smoker.

It seems from my small conversations with these people that the reasons people start smoking later in life are very similar to the reasons people of any age start smoking. Stress, difficult times, and pressure.

How about you guys, any ideas? Why do they do it?
Never heard of this tbh sarah.
I know one person that started smoking so they could see how hard it was to quit.... what a fool.
My nephew and I started smoking in the army as young 19 year old boys....He stopped and I continued and when he reached 50 he started smoking again. Who said men do not go through Menopause ??? (lol)
Never met anyone this silly! Maybe its just you!
I dont think we should be too hard on them. While most of us started smoking earlier we were just as stupid to take that first puff. They should know better at a later age, but it is VERY easy to get addicted to these death sticks - even when you think you are in control.
I know someone that did this! Never smoked until their late 20's then started smoking socially. Despite all us smokers telling her it was a terrible idea... A few years later and now she is hooked.
How can people be this silly at that age.
Does this acutally happen!?
Most of those people were probably occasional smokers who didn't get hooked and thought they could continue.
Stress makes many people turn back to their addictions for comfort