By mbarber2121

The Self Righteous Ex-Smoker.

When you were smoking,  did you ever come across that self righteous ex-smoker that just let you know that they quit smoking and that you should too and how it really wasn't that hard and how glad they are that they accomplished this?  Well, I had and I would just roll my eyes and thought they no longer fit into my secret smoking club.  That elite group of people that don't care what they smell like or what people think about their nicotine addiction.  When I was a smoker, I would seek out other smokers and even developed life long friendships with a lot of them because we had this one thing in common and shunned from the rest of the predominately non-smoking world.  At any rate, yesterday I realized I belong to another group.  The ex-smoker group. Here where we can discuss our struggles and find that we all have a lot in common even if our only common trait is that we are ex-smokers. Here's to you as I hold up my Duo Ice Breaker mint.  To a longer, healthier and more productive life. God Bless!  

P.S. Lets try not to be that self righteous ex-smoker.  Pray for our smoking counterparts. One day they may really need our help and support when they hopefully decide to overcome their addiction.  
I try so hard not to be that person. I used to hate the pompus ex smoker. Great point.
A very good post. If they ask for advise i will give it, but until then they are on their own.
Very Nice post...and yes I really don't know at this stage where I Fit...Definitely I am a ex smoker...The non smokers is those who really hate smoking and never smoked, and they are not welcoming us ex smokers with open arms...I fit in more easily with smokers and ex smokers.
I fell into this trap when i first quit - i will admit it. I was so proud of myself i thought everyone needed to know how bad smoking was for them. It annoyed alot of people quite quickly! When a close friend pointed out pretty much exactly what you have said above to me i quickly changed back to not preaching!
Love being part of the EXsmoker group more than the smoker group!
Something that is not discussed enough! I hate these kinda preachy people. We were all smokers, we all knew the risks - just like they do. They dont need to be bombarded.
Good point, well made.
Thanks for sharing mbarber - another great post as always :)
Sooner or later they will want to quit hopefully, and when they do - then it is time to give them the support and advice (and a link to!)
Yes, but I don't want to be one of those self- righteous ex-smokers who thumb their noses at smokers.
I believe that every smoker wants to quit! I can't stand these ex smokers and non smokers that carry on and are judgemental. It really annoys me. I will never be one of those a lot of my family and friends smoke and I will not preach I will not complain, they quit when and if they are ready to. It has to be their choice. Also my partner gave up 5 years ago and has never pushed me just waited until I was ready. It must of been hard for him quitting with me puffing away for another 5 years.
the selfrighteous normally whishes he was still a smoker