By johnmoroney76

10 Days - Into Double Figures :-)

I can't believe I have not smoked for over 10 days. I will admit it has been a slow and sometimes challenging 10 days but all in all it has been life changing. I feel I get stronger each day and I always look to the future and think how great it is going to be for the rest of my life. I will never have to fear about contracting a disease though smoking, I will be able to play with my nieces and nephew without being out of breath. I can restart playing my childhood game of tennis again and not quit after an hour. I can smell the beautiful fragrances of nature again and it reminds me of the times before I became a smoker which in turn gives me a sense of rebirth or a second chance if you will. I also feel my confidence getting stronger and I am overwhelmed by a feeling that I can achieve anything, which I must admit is awesome. I do however also feel disgusted with my self sometimes when I think that I was choking myself and destroying my health purposely for 23 years. But there is nothing I can do about that now except enjoy the rest of my life knowing for sure that I will never go back to that situation again, no matter what.
Okay I am off to the cinema now to spend some of the money I have saved by not smoking and I think I will treat myself to a nice Indian meal afterwards.. Yum. Then off for my second 5km run tomorrow to try and beat my 30 minutes from last Sunday.
Hope everyone has a wonderful smoke free and happy weekend. Until the next time My Amigos, take care :-)
What an amazing inspiring post. Thank you so much for sharing it gave me the boost I needed today!
Playing with my kids is also another reason why I quit smoking. Are used to be so ashamed that their daddy got out of breath while playing in the park to easily
Love the positivity thanks for sharing
Glad to see you are keeping up your fitness plan! Stay strong you can do this
I was unprepared for the smell coming back. The world smells beautiful! Well... Mostly!
Johnmoroney... you nailed it Congratulations !!
Please never stop posting. Your posts are always so honest and uplifting.
Stronger and stronger and stronger every day. It sounds like you are doing really well with this quit. Keep it up it sounds like a sticky quit
That's Terrific!! it sure makes a huge difference on energy. keep up the terrific work