By johnmoroney76

1 Week - What A Week !!

Last Wednesday morning (9th of September) at 12.30am I smoked my very last cigarette in the knowledge I would never smoke again. I didn't have much time to think about it as I went straight to bed and fell asleep almost instantly. I woke up about 9.30am and realised after a few seconds that I didn't smoke any more. My first instinct was fear but that quickly dissipated when I realised I was free from the slavery of tobacco. Over the next few days I did get cravings but I just rode them out by taking deep breaths, singing my favourite songs, dancing, jumping up and down, and drinking water. I then discovered Qutiza, which has been a great source of inspiration. I feel part of a community that is trying to achieve something amazing. I love encouraging and helping people in my normal life and this was a great platform for me to do this. I really want to help others quit the nasty drug that is nicotine. 
As I mentioned before I used the Easyway system by Allen Carr. This is a totally different approach to quitting smoking. It is basically the opposite to the normal willpower method in that it makes you happy to be not smoking rather than moping about it. If you are not familiar with this method or you are struggling with the willpower method, I would recommend you follow this link for the full audiobook ( and best of all it is completely free.
So my fellow non smokers, I hope your journey is going well, I truly do.The course of my life has now dramatically changed for the better and I am excited about where it is going to take me. As always just remember one thing, you are without doubt or reservation achieving an incredible feat in your life and your future will now be infinitely better.
Lots of love and hugs x 
Good Post John....Good that you have found it to be fairly easy and are one of the lucky ones......Your positive outlook on the whole journey is part of your success. Well done and stay on the alert........always !!!
Good on yet John. Think we're in a similar place on this journey Great not to be feeling that I'm not "giving up" anything but rather getting the upper hand on an addiction that has been in control for far too long. I've also found a good resource here which fits in very well with the Easy Way. You might find it useful too
Thanks phoebus. That is a fantastic and very informative article and I will promote it in the future. Hope all is well with you. J
2 great links! Thanks for sharing.
Lovely post! We are glad you found us too! You are part of the family now!
Thanks for a great post! The day I found this website my attempt at quitting was certainly no longer a solitary task!
Love your posts always! Please never stop sharing!