By hercu

A Century Smober !

100 days NOPE…… totally smoke sober. Free and can’t be more thankful that my life had changed in such a way that it feels like I am living a new life. Am I a century wiser ? Not sure but I have learned that to make a smoke free living is to make a new life. The normal life style carried on and did not change to adapt to my new style of living. My smoking friends still smoke, my smoking peers still smoke and there is still cigarettes for sale in supermarkets and filling stations.
 In the beginning they would put out a cigarette when I am close it is now normal to continue. I do not know if I am just over sensitive but it seems that they are testing me now because I know deep inside they also want to quit and can’t believe I succeeded this far. Well I am damn proud of myself and seriously chuffed that I could kick the “Nicodemon’s” ass for a 100 days continuous !!!!
 So my conclusion for us quitters to stay smoke free we need to adapt or die (Fall back into enslavement) I know that I must be on a constant lookout for triggers and not to let my guard down. It won’t help to run away and hide in a cave although it would have been nice for a year or ten.
I must live my new life, where I have been given a second change, normal and just enjoy every moment of it breathing without a wheeze, smelling the wonders of nature, tasting all the tastes and do not cough myself out of breath practicing my favourite sport. I am FREE !!!!!!!!!
Amazing victory! I can't wait until I hit that 100 day mark!
Congrats, hercu....100 days is quite an accomplishment. It's the Triggers for sure - be on guard and continued success should be a given.
Well done Hercu, definitely something to be proud of.
I really like your posts my friend, they are from the heart and I resonate with them. Well done on the Big 100.
Such an amazing achievement! So happy for you! I love your posts and I can't imagine this website without you! Roll on 200!
Congratulations! Please never leave
Your right we must adapt to our new life and remind ourselfs how bless we are to have another chance in life. think of how well you can breath now and yes be proud .way to go keep up the awesome work