By johnmoroney76

Day 3 And Still Smiling :-)

I have just found this wonderful social network for non smokers and I am delighted to report that I happily quit smoking 3 days ago. I am 39 years old and smoked approx 20 cigarettes a day for about 23 years.
I quit because of the health risks and I used Allen Carr's "Easyway to Stop Smoking". This is an amazing book and it makes me happy that I am a non smoker. I do get cravings but I can deal with them easily, as I see them as a dying addiction and rejoice.
Anyway I hope everyone is doing well and if I can be of any encouragement or help, please do not hesitate to let me know. 
Here is to Our Continued Success x
That's an amazingly positive and encouraging post, john. Your avatar has suggestions of a setting sun on old habits, or a rising sun on a new life.
Thank you ocelot. The pic was taken by me in Corfu a few years ago and it does represent the sun going down on an old life. Hope you are getting on well. J
thank you.. me too day 3
Well done natrobn,we are 3 day buddies and tomorrow we will be 4 day buddies :-)
what an inspiring post. Thank you for sharing!
I'm on day 4......congratulations
Thanks for sharing it sounds like your quit is going very well!
Johnmoroney..With your attitude you are going to win this one ...It is 99% a mind game .. Congratulations !
Stay strong you can do this!
Good for you, John. I especially enjoyed your phrase " a dying addiction" - if we continue to connect the crave with this construct, we should be able to continue to resist. All the best my friend!!
what a beautiful positive vibe. keep up the awesome work.. your worth it
Well done and Allen Carr's books are fantastic, Im on day 4 using patches, I must start to read his book again :)
good job im day 3 too
i'm in the second day now....i'm not using any gums or patches or e-cig and in the afternoon it gets so hard