By hercu

Three Months And Then ?

72 hours after quitting, the nicotine is gone. After that, what is left ……your feelings, habits, and routines. Those are the things that need to be dealt with to quit permanently!
There is no pill to help you quit or stay quit and if there was you will need more …… you need to start dealing with the underlying causes of your emotions.
You will need to overcome that feeling of loss… that dreadful lonely feeling as if the world is against you and you start to rebel against the things they did not tell you about quitting
They tell you your smell will improve… Yes it does… but did they tell you that you will start to shower 3 times a day because you smell ugly and stink…..!!!!!
My poor Bullmastiff dog was allowed in the house in day time ever since she was a pup but now she is been banned because she stinks like a wet dog permanently…even after a wash and shampoo…..
 I don’t even want to talk about the laundry basket and….. Oh boy that no 2 visit to the bathroom which was so regular all the years I smoked and 100% irregular the past three months….Did it smell that bad for 38 years or is it only now over the past 3 months ?
Your taste will improve so far that Coca-Cola tastes like crap…..Before my quit I could easily have a cola before my first cup of coffee.
You will have more energy than when you smoked! But nobody told you without that Nicotine punch, you may feel tired, sleepy, and lethargic. You might feel run down, almost as if you have a cold—Don't worry, this is only temporary and will only last a few weeks or should they say three months and maybe a little bit longer?
Having dreams or even nightmares is a very good sign because it means that you are working out your problems rather than smoking them….Wow yes.. but in the meantime I need rest and can’t sleep like a baby….sleep a little...wake a little…nightmare a little….sleep a little !!
Improved circulation. Remember, you are changing at a cellular and muscular level. They did not tell you that you will have pains almost like growing pains.
Heartburn ? Damn….I only had heartburn when my wife was pregnant and my baby is 25 years old. Suddenly there is “Tumms” or an anti-acid on the shopping list.
There will be coughing due to a cleaning-out of the reactivated cilia in the lungs. Your body is clearing out the debris, tar, and phlegm but what was not said is that would bring a taste like charcoal and burnt meat into your mouth and that you will “de-enamalize” your teeth by brushing 10X plus a day. This may last from a few days to several months or years?
But very true ……the risks and side effects of smoking far outnumber and outweigh the side effects I experienced after stopping and that is why I have enjoyed every single day of my three months smoke free. I never want to be enslaved again and although quitting is difficult knowledge was my power to overcome this horrible addiction and claim my space in in the freedom of a smoke free life…..Being able to premediate the physical and emotional changes my body undergone gave the advantage to make it easier to follow through my commitment… 
Great post hercu as always!
Thanks for sharing hercu :)
Your posts always inspire me hercu. You help me so much without even knowing. THANK YOU!
the only thing i dont agree with is the dog bit, poor thing would be thinking it done something wrong :( im a dog lover if you cant tell)