By hercu

A Brutal Awakening Of Senses !!!

To quit smoking is breaking a habit and maybe one of the most difficult habits to break, but Mark Twain said: “It is easy, I have quit many times”
Well for me it was not that easy because it was my first attempt and really never want to go through that again and knew I will have to resolute in my new routine and need to be strong when it matters most.
After the first few weeks of really suffering the promised better life starts to show and ....Oh Boy.....was I fascinated by all the new thingies I discovered that was actually there but obscured by a cloud of my cigarette smoke Yes...... especially the smells: and sad to say the vast majority of them were horrendous..... being in the City for that 4 days with Juniors accident I came to the conclusion that the outside world stinks: Public Bathrooms and transport, KFC’s old burned cooking oil, City parks, diesel fuel gasses etc...there are actually more horrible smells in cities than good ones ore did the non smokers just get used to them ????
I am really not complaining and never will because the immediate and long term benefits are more than worth the trouble and hope in a year or two I will be able to buy KFC and sit in a City park and enjoy my meal !!!!
I sympathize. I have almost become compulsive about tracking any out of sort smell in my home or car. My tastes bud have regenerated as well I think. There are food and drinks that I consumed on a regular basis that I now wonder how I could possibly have liked them to begin with. Rediscovering me I guess...
Thank you .... I thought I was getting crazy. My car was stripped to the bone and revamped...Coca cola taste bad (I drank at least 2 l per day) Must be the rediscovering of us ...!!
Wow I'm so glad to see this! It's amazing really. I can smell and taste now almost to the point of over stimulation (almost hurting). But for all those bad things we smell that now almost turn our stomach; I can smell flowers several feet away on people's front yards while I'm on my 3 mile a day walk. Oh, and the rediscovery that I LOVE TO walk, even run now a little bit. So many things have changed for me, and us!!! But it's terrific!!! And still hard on so many days! Skip the KFC hercu!!! Find better fresh cooked food! Not only will you improve your health being a non-smoker; but now start to think about healthier foods!!!!! KFC is not one of them!!! (And maybe that smell is telling you something!!!)
Yes... Living in the Africa bush there is so many "new" smells I rediscovered and was actually shocked when I was forced into the City. The KFC is almost tradition when some one is going to town (120 Km ) a barrel must be bought and brought back to the farm for a feast that evening. But yes surely was not the healthiest treat but something else.